Northern Lights

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/ 10 Reg. Seeds
A mellow, healing effect that only Northern Lights can give

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We, here at Old School are happy to offer our version of Northern Lights for your growing and smoking pleasure.

After growing and selecting for the last 4 years from various NL’s from around the world as well as our own , we now have what is considered the closest to the original that we’ve seen. A low odour , hashy tasting , classic afghan.

This strain has the crispy ,unmistakable black hash taste and the typical mellow , healing effect that only Northern Lights can give.

Having grown all the original Northern Lights in the 80’s and 90’s, as well as the #5 cut we feel confident that this “Mother of all Indica’s” will deliver a great product which is wonderful on its own but also improves the quality of almost anything its bred with.

Good luck and Happy Growing!

Indoor (recommended) /Outdoor
Flowering Time
45 to 50 Days
Sweet and spicy
Comforting, relieves pain and insomnia, mellow for depression and stress


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