Roadkill Skunk

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The Skunk set the Gold Standard by which are strains are measured against-and remains a very worthwhile strain for all types of growers.

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Reeferman's Skunk (Roadkill Skunk X Orig Skunk)

The legend, the one, the only....Skunk.  


The Skunk sets the Gold Standard by which are strains are measured against.  And why not?  The plant grows vigorously indoors, outdoors and even in greenhouse conditions.  It resists many common cropping problems like insects and diseases better than most and delivers high yields of chunky, pungent and potent buds that stimulate the brain and soothe the body. The Skunk is the result of a trans-global breeding project, with genes originating from Afghanistan, Columbia and Mexico where all the best characteristics made from each contribution appear to have been retained in the final offspring.


The buzz and effects from the Skunk are very well rounded; not leaving you in the clouds or sunk into your sofa-a very “happy” experience with body relaxation you can feel from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. A very “social” weed, with a long standing following around Amsterdams many coffee shops.


Being a versatile plant, this Skunk selection will do well as a Sea Of Green plant with minimal trimming of lower branches required, while as a larger plant, it can grow into a large, bushy, “bud monster” with enough spacer between nodes to let intense light in to penetrate and reach all parts of the plant for a more consistent quality in the harvest from top to bottom of the plant.


The aroma and flavor are pungent and strong, so odor control is recommended when growing indoors and some stealth or care outside or in the greenhouse to keep your growing endeavours private.


Skunk has good bag appeal: you can smell it from a mile away, and the buds are sticky, light green with large swollen calyxes with little leaf and a moderate amount of bud “hairs”.  Combined with being easy to grow under a variety of conditions, high yields and quick to trim with minimal foliage makes this a great choice for the commercial producer as well as the home grower looking for a reliability in both the growing and toking experience.

Very Good to Excellent
Flowering Time
9 weeks
Chunky, fat light green buds with large swollen calyxes.
incredibly strong, arguably the dankest buds on the planet
Very potent, all over high from head to toe; classic stone


Sunday, 08 January 2017
I will further update this post as it develops, but I'm growing the RKS, sent by Reeferman, and I'm in awe...his reputation preceded him, and I'm not a single oz of let down so far. Two wks or so til I flip, and they are SKUNKY...seems to be very similar to STSM RKS from my childhood...I grow a lot of American (boutique) breeders, and love them, but I'd love to see my blog flooded with more RKS n old school gear! Solid gens...Will update with grow/smoke reports for sure! Thank you sir :-) L. Lefty
justin kibbe