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Grand Daddy Purple

MMSS's Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) gets it's legendary origins from the backwoods...


Silverback Gorilla

For those struggling with insomnia and stress, Silverback Gorilla is a must-try...

love-potion-the-next-gen_oldschoolba Rating: 5/5

Love Potion Next Gen

If you seek the euphoric, “loving life” and happy rush of Love Potion but crave...


OG Kush X NH21

Our OG Kush was crossed with a stellar Sativa to increase growth rates.

charlottes-web_edit5 Rating: 5/5

Charlotte's Web Pheno

This high CBD strain does well both indoors and outdoors and can withstand many...


Early Purple Kush Cup Winner

Early Purple Kush seeds – winner 1st prize for the Medical Marijuana Cup at the...


Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a truly pure indica strain.


Pig OG

Reeferman has refined several OG strains, making a 3-way with heavy production.


Introductory Pack

New to OBA? Check out our Introductory Pack!


Harmony X Thai

An absolute Mad Man of a buzz! If you are looking for an intense cerebral ride...


Hippie Crippler

Hippie Crippler is an uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid.


Northern Lights X Skunk

Northern Lights x Skunk A.K.A "M39" REWORKED SOLD OUT


Grand Daddy Purple X Cinderella 99

A professional cropper’s delight-also perfect for any grower looking for...


Moose Jaw Madness

Moose Jaw Madness, Indoor/Outdoor


G13 Chem Dog

Government medical marijuana potency engineering meets The Dead Tour parking...


Pig OG x Train Wreck

Reeferman has refined several OG strains, making a 3-way with heavy production.


Pink Kush

Believed by some to be the original injection of genetics leading to present OG...


Afghani Pakistan Hash Plant

A true “hashplant” with some hints of citrus in the mix and a faster vegetative...