Nevils Haze #21 X Early Mullimbimby Madness

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Looking for a high-powered, unique and exotic bud but can't risk your crop to light weight yields or painfully long flowering times?

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Looking for a high-powered, unique and exotic bud but can't risk your crop to light weight yields or painfully long flowering times?

Very heavy yields with outstanding-more like Out-Of-This-World- smoking qualities can be expected from a crop of this amazing cross. Expect, big wide bushes with solid tops that finish at around 11 weeks; no veg time is required to achieve a high yielding bushy specimen near five feet in stature full of solid tops glistening with exotic perfume-like resins.

In terms of the lineage, Nevil's Haze 21 is a piney sweet, haze dominant plant with excellent resin production. The buds are long and full, with very little leaf matter to dilute the high level of psychoactivity. The intensity of the buzz is the kind of thing that you should warn someone about before firing one up.

Early Mullimbimby Madness is a highly psychoactive line developed by Kangavita out of pure MM stock for faster maturity, solid limbs and mould resistance while maintaining the desired qualities of the original MM, which is noted for it's trippy and cerebral qualities when it comes to the exotic high.

Medicinal tokers and Connoisseur smokers will love the very “up” and trippy to psychedelic properties; a very uplifting smoke with little to no ceiling, while providing some soothing effects to the psyche and body-keeping you from floating too far off into the stratosphere. The tastes and aromas are an exotic voyage unto themselves.

Besides being noteworthy for the immediate potency, this strain holds its punch over time. Even after a long cure to bring out the all the delicious subtleties that sit beneath the immediate spicy sweet flavor and aroma, these buds will kick you into high gear with the force of a mule-clearly standing the test of storage times.

If you desire the most exotic buds the world has to offer, but want to work within traditional indoor growing methods and set-ups, look no further. These are the genetics that legends are made of. Extreme Potency warning stickers not included although advised.

Indoors preferred, Outdoor Potential with Moderately Long Season
Flowering Time
11 weeks, average
Increase During Flowering: finishes about Five Feet tall with little or no veg period required
Long, full buds with very little leaf and sparkling with resin.
Spicy to sweet with many delicious undertones
Very intense and long lasting “up” high with some body relaxation.


Wednesday, 04 October 2017
I want to thank Neville for all the experience and places you've been. I also have travelled. Via US Gov back in 1973&74 SE Asia. I haven't started my grow with NH#21xEarly Mullimbimby Madness Really looking forward to it. I want. To thank Old school Breeders Association for all the stains made possible to me I love landrace sativas.
John J. Carlson