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ACDC CBD Strain Seeds

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ACDC CBD strain seeds, available at Old School Breeders Association via Monster Breeders.  Well known for very high CBD levels, up to 20% while maintain ing very low THC levels, for example less than 1%.


ACDC CBD strain seeds, available at Old School Breeders Association via Monster Breeders.  Well known for very high CBD levels. Up to 20% while maintaining very low THC levels, for example less than 1%.  Great medicinal quality smoke or extracts with no intoxicating effects.  Plants get thick fat buds with lots of resin and a nice forest to earthy aroma.  Most phenotypes mature in 8 to 9 weeks. NOTE: as regular seeds, around 1/3rd of the females will exhibit the 20:1 CBD to THC ratio the strain is so sought after for. There will be a range of CBD:THC ratios when grown out from regular seeds ratios. Growers may want to test when selecting for mother plants to propagate future crops or grow all high CBD plants only.  

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1 review for ACDC CBD Strain Seeds

    ACDC CBD Strain Seeds photo review
    July 21, 2023
    Here are my 4 plants that I have going right now. They were started indoors in late February and replanted early June. They are growing fantastic and I'm sure I will get a wonderful crop from them. Unfortunately, I lost one plant to some animal when I replanted as there was only a small nub left when I checked on them one morning. The plant shown on the left side of the picture was started shortly after. It is already doing quite nice after less than 2 months. I now spray my plants with a mixture I made myself using concentrated mint infused water(2 tbsp) and dish detergent(1 tbsp) mixed into a 1 gallon spray bottle. The mint repels animals and the dish detergent keeps bugs from eating the leaves. I use the buds to make CBD oil and it works wonderfully!! I let an elder with rheumatoid arthritis try this and he loved it because he wants to get off the "meds". I infused 40g of buds with 2 cups of oil. I'm sure this is stronger than what you would get at the liquor store LOL
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