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Bubba Rock X C99


Good production of hard and compact packed clusters of large calyxes thickly coated in white resin-respectable yields for a plant of these potency levels and resin content.


Bubba Rock C99 strain produces tight lime green buds that absolutely glisten with white resin glands, even beginning early in development. She is the result of a carefully selected cross between the world famous Bubba Kush and RockStar Kush-a recent Cup Winner. For a plant of this potency, she offers decent yields-the flavor is sublime, like sweet and sour lemon candy on top of light earthy tones.BubbaRock does well as a larger plant, requiring less time in veg to produce good yields versus standard Bubba Kush.

C-99 is also well established as a Sativa Dominant strain that produces relatively hard and compact resinous buds of considerable long lasting cerebral potency. This is a Sativa that was carefully bred from winning genetics to produce well under grow lights and provide a balanced spectrum of effects.

The resulting cross will yield potent and very resinous specimens with many Kush-like qualities in the buds with favorable growth traits, making growing under lights more productive per crop and over the calendar year with less veg time required to achieve good yields.

You are likely to see some variation individual plants in this cross, and will have excellent specimens to choose from if you want to clone for identical carbon-copy crops in the future

Expect reasonable growth rates in the vegetative growth phase, however, when the lighting cycle changes and signals the budding phase you should see the plants fill out very nicely with lots of flowering sites and more branching into a bush like structure.

For the level of resin content this cross is capable of producing, yields can be very pleasing-and achieved in a respectable amount of time. Flowering time until harvest is typically around 8 weeks, although we advise letting her go until she is completely reading to harvest so she can produce every last drop of resin she has for you.

You may find that at maturity, this strain appears to have resin glands stacked on top of resin glands-giving a thick white and almost `greasy` to the touch layer of crystals on lime green leaves through a thick matting of trichomes that cover all parts of the bud, including the smaller bud leaves.

Allowing several tops to develop while pruning away and lower growth that does not receive strong light will help you achieve heavier weight yields and allows this plant to concentrate production into the areas receiving strong light, yielding very firm buds.

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