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C99 Haze X Tuna Kush Seeds


C99 Haze X Tuna Kush. Tall, long limbed, and strongly cerebral in effect


C99 Haze X Tuna Kush

These medicinal girls are tall, long limbed, and are strongly cerebral in effect. A quintessential sativa with some trippy and physical sensations. Buds finish exceptionally long and full, with very little foliage to manage on plants or on the buds themselves. Foot long stacks of crystal coated calyx are not uncommon. Reasonably dense when dried for an 80%+ Sativa strain. You can harvest a lot from a single plant when given sufficient room to develop.
Indoors, very little time is required in vegetative growth to harvest a tall and wide plant after 11-12 weeks under 12/12 lighting. Greenhouse growers will appreciate the open plant structure and good performance in higher humidity levels with minimal foliage. The long spear like top buds and full side limbs really pack on the trichomes, in high densities, during the last weeks of flowering to a silvery hue. Like diamonds on a green field up close. Top buds easily reach the length of a sizeable forearm with adequate lighting. Very little leaf, mostly cat-eye shaped swollen calyx at maturity. The density and ratio of potent Sativa buds to leaf is exceptional in this F1 cross. If you like a good haze for medicinal or recreational use and seek a strong performer in your gardens, you will not regret putting this beauty to work for you. The flavors really come out with a good cure; tropical to citrus notes. The smoke is potent and ignites the mind quickly. Very up, happy and motivational. Expect some physical effects from the small note of indica-kush genetics which help add to the bud density as well as effects.


Very Good to Excellent

Flowering Time

Flowering Time 11-12 weeks


Increase During Flowering: +100%


Long full spear shaped full buds, almost no leaf. Very good density for a Sativa. Excellent appeal and bouquet when finished fully mature


Tropical, sweet and pungent.


Very exhilarating with a hint of body effects. No ceiling, the more you smoke, the higher you can get. Motivational and happy when enjoyed in moderation. Can be intense when taken in larger doses.

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