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C99 NYSD X Tuna Kush


C99 NYSD X Tuna Kush. More on the Sativa end of the spectrum than the Indica-Kush phenotype of this stellar lineage.


Firm buds, bordering more on the Sativa end of the spectrum than the Indica-Kush phenotype of this stellar lineage. Very good production with lots of punch in the potency department. Plants can get very big, while remaining respectably tight in growth pattern in no time at all given strong lighting levels and the space to fill out. Grows as a large round bush, with minmal pruning. Buds are very good size relative to the density and potency they offer. Not too much leaf, making most plants from this cross a 70/30 split in Sativa to Indica in growth tendencies, although finished buds appear as very 50/50 because they are dense, resinous and of good size with few leaves.

If you are a fan of NYSD or Diesel offshoots, you’re sure to love growing out a crop from these seeds.

A longer flowering variety, with an average of 10 weeks required for full peal maturity, very little time is required in the vegetative growth phase. With close plant spacings growers may consider starting plants at a 12/12 lighting regimen to harvest a dense hedge of tops around two to three feet tall. If starting budding after plants veg to about a foot tall, expect 3 foot round bushes of buds sagging under the weight of their own large colas spreading out the whole way around from the base of the plant.


Very Good to High

Flowering Time

Flowering Time 8 to 11 weeks


Increase During Flowering: 75%


Large full buds with some fiery hairs. Thick round clusters of dense calyx stack tightly to form the buds and show plenty of crystal


Earthy spicy with a sweet pungent exotic layer of aroma in the bouquet. Very old school.


All over, leaning towards physical relaxation although it can come on strong initially; feeling the buzz start in your face and gradually spread out to the rest of your body. Potent and long lasting relief.

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