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Early Purple Kush Cup Winner Seeds


Early Purple Kush seeds – winner 1st prize for the Medical Marijuana Cup at the Treating Yourself Medical Marijuana Expo in Toronto July, 2010.

Available in Feminized and Regular


Early Purple Kush Winner

1st prize for the Medical Marijuana Cup at the Treating Yourself Medical Marijuana Expo in Toronto July, 2010. Reeferman Seeds have bred Early Purple Kush to be heavier yielding than the original Purple Kush by crossing it with their Early Island Indica. The result is a cannabis strain which is not only a heavier cropper but which really piles on the resin and is more mold resistant in damper climes when grown outdoors. A great demonstration of genetic synergy as the result is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.
Purple Kush is a renowned strain all over the world. That’s because it consistently delivers hard frosty nuggets with lots of flavor and aroma for growers. And provides fast, effective and very calming relief for tokers that results in a long lasting buzz that stimulates appetite and rest. Until now, Purple Kush strains are notoriously slow to grow in the vegetative growth phase and do not stack a lot of flowering sites on the stem after the budding cycle has started. The bud cycle for Purple Kush (EPK’s predecessor) offers modest yields relative to the time required to crop (9 weeks in bloom phase). Hence PK’s higher price tag at dispensaries and coffee shops. MMSS’s take on PK was that it needed to have a larger yield and a faster finish in budding, with a faster and more dynamic rate of growth during the veg phase. A little more “alert” shaken into the effects was welcome too, so relief could be experienced through the day, cutting down on nap time required. The result is the perfect plant for commercial producer and medical grower alike.
Beautiful, potent, frosty and rock hard purple kush nuggets with the soft sweet scent everyone loves on a plant. It produces larger than average yields (especially in Sea Of Green methods, where up to 24 plants per square meter are recommended) in less time. Most growers choose the 7 week finishing phenotype and never look back. Some growers report they are gaining an extra cycle per year. We’ve even had some feedback on a pheno that with the right management, has been harvested fully mature at 5 weeks! When grown in co2 enriched environment, prefers moderate to strong feedings (2.0EC/1400 ppm) or 1.2 EC without co2 enrichment. Moderately warm temperatures are recommended during veg and early to peak bud phase, for example 80°F for maximum production and yields. To bring out “The Purps”, drop temperatures to 68°F for final two weeks of bud phase

Indoor and Outdoor



Flowering Time

6-7 Weeks, Mid/Late September


Increase during flowering: 50%


Hard, dark purple to light green medium sized buds; very “purple kush”


Pleasant, soft, floral, sweet with a hint of spice; trademark “purple kush” aroma


Very relaxing, euphoric, excellent relief of physical pains, may provide relief for anxiety

Additional information

Choose 10 or 5 seed pack in options

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