Freezeland Cross


Freezeland Cross, aka Friesland. This is the best of two strains.


Indica x Indica Sativa F1 Hybrid. A fast flowering outdoor variety that produces large chunky buds with an array of colours in the fall including purple, red and gold. Plants will get 4 to 6 feet high with good branching and started the middle of May will finish around the 2nd week of September on the 49th parallel with some pheno’s finishing earlier. These plants have been grown and bred for many years in a cold harsh climate and can take frost as well as being mold resistant despite having dense resinous flowers. Besides being it great outdoor variety in also does very well indoors , flowering quicker than most indoor varieties.


sweet tropical with a hint of afghan hash


1/4 lb up to 1 lb under right conditions


Very good, uplifting and clear

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Choose 10 or 5 seed pack in options



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