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G13 Chem Dog


G13 Chem Dog hybrid strain, Government medical marijuana potency engineering meets The Dead Tour parking lot breeding project.


Government medical marijuana potency engineering meets The Dead Tour parking lot breeding project.

Legends surround both G-13 and ChemDawg origins, however, whatever reality existed soon melts as you relax into the sofa away after toking this strain, created of mythic proportions.

G-13 is a very Indica plant that has note worthy potency, particularly when it comes to pain relief. Reportedly Government bred for helping relieve discomfort symptoms from chemo-therapy treatments, Chemo provides strong physical relaxation and helps promote a pleasant dream like state; great for sleeping and appetite stimulation.

ChemDawg while having lots of Sativa heritage, produces Kush type buds that display extreme resin production for both sheer potency and the intensity of flavors and aromas; the buds are dense, but the plants like to stretch a bit in early flower.

This masterfully balanced G-13 Chem Dog cross is going to give you extreme physical potency with relaxing and sedative effects; with enough Sativa in the mix to keep your eyes open long for trips to the fridge.

Does better with milder feedings, around 1100 PPM for flowering. Sensitive to foliar sprays; best avoided for maximum resin production. Also may be grown in Sea Of Green applications where rooted clones are placed into bud, about 25 plants per square meter.

Indoors preferred, Outdoors mid to late October



Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks


increase during flowering: 75-100%


Bright green, round, frosty nugs with few hairs.


Strong, pungent,


Strong, narcotic and dreamy with a lucid edge. Excellent for pain relief, relaxation, appetite stimulation and sleep.
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