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Grand Daddy Purple X Cinderella 99 Seeds


A professional cropper’s delight-also perfect for any grower looking for reliable and heavy yields with lots of bag appeal.


Grand Daddy Purple is one of the easiest and best yielding plants you can grow indoors. Or anywhere where the season remains mild until mid to late October in Northern Latitudes. In veg, she stays short and stocky and branches well when given a reasonable amount of vegetative growth time. She also does great at producing one solid and very large top cola with minimal pruning of side branches and a short veg period. The buds are huge, relatively solid, often dark purple in both leaf and calyx. Some phenos will also show raspberry red hairs. The ideal backdrop for a healthy coating of resin crystals and thick trichomes. C-99 is also well established as a Sativa Dominant strain that produces relatively hard and compact resinous buds of considerable long lasting cerebral potency. This is a Sativa that was carefully bred from winning genetics to produce well under grow lights and provide a balanced spectrum of effects. Excellent yields, vigorous growth and most notably high resin production characterize this world renowned long standing favorite. You can expect great yields and lots of controllable growth from this cross. With all the time growers save in vegetative growth because of a vigorous early bloom growth habit and a reasonable flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks you can harvest more per year with fewer problems versus other strains. Sometimes growers expect to lose quality when gaining vigorous growth and high yields, but that is not the case when selecting mother plants for future crops from this meeting of reliable and heavy producers that maintain a high level of bag appeal in bouquet and appearance.
10 SEEDS / $80 USD 5 SEEDS / $50 USD
Indoors preferred, outdoors in long season


Very Good to Excellent

Flowering Time

8 to 9 weeks, Outdoors Late Oct-Nov


Increase During Flowering: +75%


Thick full buds that are lime green with some purple leaf to entirely dark purple. Lots of resin and some phenos will have raspberry red hairs, making for a very notable appearance.


Dried sour grape to earthy and lemon pine tones; a hint of something sweet in there too.


balanced with a slight lean towards cerebral over physical, but you can expect to come back down after the initial onset and get into a nice relaxed and euphoric state that lends well to appetite and rest following.

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