Grand Daddy Purple


MMSS’s Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) gets it’s legendary origins from the backwoods of Northern California


MMSS’s Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) gets it’s legendary origins from the backwoods of Northern California from none other than the departed JoJo Rizzo, famous for his quality contributions of genetics for medical cultivators. Historically, this has been a “clone only” strain that has circulated for several years with newer variations having been bred and incorporated under the “GDP” moniker.

Purple Eurkle and Grape Ape are cousins to Grand Daddy Purple, but what growers can expect to see from MMSS’s GDP is a more prolific and easy to grow producer, both indoors and out versus building block strains like Purple Eurkle that can be temperamental to grow and can only offer moderate yields, even when all conditions are met exactingly.

Given lots of water and light with moderate temperatures, the GDP is a snap to grow and will astound you with huge top cola production capability, and does great trained as a multi-branched plant, easily yielding one pound per plant indoors under lights with sufficient time allowed in vegetative growth.

Grows very vigorous in both veg and bloom, and you can expect some height gain in the bud phase, cutting down on the time required in vegetative growth to finish the plants at BIG bushy size for large yields. Likes to grow into a dense, wide bush with a slightly dominant and very huge top cola. For SOG methods, try two weeks of veg time spacing plants 9 per square meter. The side branches may reach near top cola height and produce dense, heavy buds also given strong lighting.

A great producer in every respect, making it an easy choice for production-minded medical gardeners. Patience pays with this strain, as buds will explode in size, density and essential oil production during the final few weeks of the budding phase. Easy to clone.

-Prefers even moisture (do not dry roots out) in the root zone and moderate to stronger crop feedings (2.0 EC; thrives with increased drainage for more frequent waterings.

-Grows and produces better in cooler temperatures, for example 75°F.

-Provide lots of light indoors or full sun outdoors for maximum density and yields

-To promote more intense purple colorations in the leaves of some phenos, reduce Nitrogen in feedings and apply kelp based products through the bloom phase. Lower light intensities and grow room temperatures for the final two weeks indoors for more intense colorations.

Indoor, Outdoor


Good to Excellent

Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks


Increase during flowering: 50%


Very large buds of average density in all phenos and very easy to manicure. Some buds may be entirely purple, both calyx and leaves with bright orange hairs showing plenty of white crystals, very striking in appearance. Growers can also expect lots of excellent material for hashmaking.


Dried grape or berry-slightly sweet with some spicy undertones. Tastes like it smells with a slightly astringent effect.


Deep, long lasting but functional buzz. Slightly euphoric with notable effects for pain relief. The classic “stone”.
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