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Harmony X Thai Seeds


An absolute Mad Man of a buzz! If you are looking for an intense cerebral ride while sitting comfortably in a nice body buzz


Harmony X Thai

$110 USD for 10 regular seeds. No feminized seeds available. An absolute Mad Man of a buzz! If you are looking for an intense cerebral ride while sitting comfortably in a nice body buzz, this is your medicine. Seriously intense stuff. Harmony is Reeferman’s pinnacle strain, that combines all of whats good in OG Kush, Lemon Thai and adds another dimension with a hint of old school Santa Marta Gold. This was crossed back again with the Thai to produce an even stronger cerebral edge to the already famous potency that Harmony carries with her. In terms of growth characteristics, you can expect a more Thai physical structure, which provides a nice open canopy to allow strong light to reach the clusters of tight buds that develop through the bud phase. Basically, you get the vigor of a stable Thai strain, and the buds leaning towards OG Kush, however with a stronger cerebral edge to the buzz. Harmony X Thai can provide great yields, especially when she is allowed to develop to her full stature, which she does quickly; making her an ideal candidate for medical gardens where there may be limitations to plant numbers. Expect vigorous growth and great yields of extremely potent and hard nugs that carry a very complex bouquet in both flavor and aroma. While it may take a week or two longer to fully mature in your grow room during the bud phase, if you grow larger plants, it will balance out because you won’t need to spend as much time in the vegetative growth phase where this cross grows quickly and then grows some more during early flowering-so you can start the bloom phase sooner. Prefers milder feedings, and for optimal results, maintain the humidity in the veg phase between 50 to 60%, while the air may have a tendency to be drier at this time. Lower humidity, for example 40 to 50% in the bud phase will encourage, tighter and harder nugs at harvest. Outdoors, she handles hotter temperatures with ease, but indoors it’s best to keep near 80°F when the lights are on for optimal results
Mostly Indoor, although may finish outdoors in greenhouse or long growing seasons


Good to Excellent

Flowering Time

9-11 weeks


increase during flowering: 75%


Beautiful crystal covered buds. Fairly compact and firm for the Sativa edge the strain carries


A hint of lemon with earthy overtones; will impress even the snootiest connoisseur


Intense, not for the inexperienced. Strong cerebral high with slight body effects. Very fun ride, but be prepared and medicate in moderation!

Additional information

Choose 10 or 5 seed pack in options



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