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Highland Nepalese Seeds

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Highland Nepalese Strain, regular seeds. Fast, reliable and potent outdoor strain


After a lot of work we are pleased to release our Highland Nepalese. This is a reliable , fast and potent outdoor strain. Genetics are Highland Nepalese with a small percent of Northern Lights to help with resin production. Although, overall it is a Sativa dominant strain. This strain is mold resistant and very easy to grow. Plants started in May and put outside in June will finish anywhere by the 15th of September.
The yield is good , bringing in between 3 and 6 ounces per plant depending on conditions. Plants grow between 4 and 6 feet and are quite bushy. The taste and effect is of old school hash. Floral overtones with that spicy hashy after taste best describes the Nepalese profile. The effects are very nice and mellow. A true hash plant. It calms the mind and relaxes the body, one of the best Northern outdoor varieties we’ve seen.
We have also crossed this variety with Guerrilla Gold #3 if you prefer something with a more Afghan flavor. These plants are bigger than the straight Nepalese and have a sweeter , more Indica profile as well as a slightly heavier yield. Of course considering these traits it is not as stealthy as the Nepalese which have lighter colored , narrow leaves that blend better with their surroundings. We are sure you’ll be pleased with these new offerings . Happy Growing



Avg. 4-6 feet


Good, 3-4 oz

Flowering Time

11 Weeks


Mellow and calming


Old school hash

Additional information

Choose 10 or 5 seed pack in options


1 review for Highland Nepalese Seeds

    Highland Nepalese Seeds photo review
    Daniel Durfee
    April 7, 2023
    The coolest looking plant I've grown yet. Light green, dark green, red, purple, black. Smells like black pepper, taste is hints of sweet & spicy. Effects are mostly sativa; starts in the head, happy, mood elevation, giggly, grinning ear to ear, good hang out strain. As doses get higher the senses start to get enhanced then distorted. But it also starts to slow and calm you too, allowing you to enter a wonderful state of relaxation, or meditation. I have to imagine the locals use this strain to speak with the Dali llama. Only downside was hard germination, at least 2 weeks to get my 1st seed to finally pop, I'll try hydrogen peroxide next time.
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