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Kali Myst


Kali Myst(SE Asian X Tajikistani) X Tajikistani. Kali Myst pays tribute to the Goddess of Ecstasy, for which she is named for by combining our Finest and Most Rare South East Asian Sativa genetics with a double dose of our Tajikistani Kush


Kali Myst

(SE Asian X Tajikistani) X Tajikistani

If you like exotic highs and tastes, this is an excellent selection for your indoor or greenhouse garden. Kali Myst  pays tribute to the Goddess of Ecstasy, for which she is named for by combining our Finest and Most Rare South East Asian Sativa genetics with a double dose of our Tajikistani Kush.  The result is a vigorous growing plant that yields respectably to create a full bodied, uplifting, euphoric and ultimately deeply relaxing spicy treat.

On it’s own the South East Asian parent plants provide an electric and intense experience which some may describe as “racy”. The plant grows very vigorus with wide irregular branching and few leaves.  While finishing as larger plants, yields tend to be moderate.

The Tajikistani Kush lineage is very Hash Plant to Kush, with more stout, solid growth patterns as well as having greater density in the harvested buds that provide good yields.

By back crossing twice with a careful selection from the Tajikistani gene pool, the super trippy effects of the South East Asian lineage have been well retained while adding deeper and psychedelic sensations with more physical effects.  You can expect slight variations from plant to plant in this cross, making it very difficult to find only one favorite to keep cloning from; lending way to selecting the ones that do best in your growing situation for excellent results over and over again.

Most plants should be fully mature after 10 weeks of budding in a 12/12 lighting regimen while still filling out very nicely for good yield potential given adequate space to branch out and at the roots when provided with good lighting intensities and moderate to medium feedings.

Buds will appear almost silvery because they are carpeted in a fine layer of resin glands that swell at maturity; like a hazy “Myst” covering the fat calyxes protruding like towers from buds. After partaking in this connoisseur quality exotic cannabis strain, you may be potentially left in servitude of the Goddess Kali for several hours and then finally back down to earth with deep relaxation.



Flowering Time

10 weeks




Rows of dense thumb sized nuggets on branches, silvery with resin


Spicy and earthy with some unique notes


Intensely cerebral at onset of effects settling into a deep body stone. Brings you up high and takes you into a deep state of relaxation.
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