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Kings Crown X Thai


King’s Cross X Thai strain, regular seeds. One of the best crosses to select from when looking for a very “up” and “happy” effect in your smoke.


Kings Crown X Thai,  can be very strong, ie a little can go a long way, especially for recreational tokers or those looking for a happy and energetic “daytime” weed that stimulates creativity and productivity. A few tokes too many and you may have take a few moments to pull yourself back together from giggle fits.

The King’s Crown produces excellent yields of compact pine cones shaped buds that have beautiful lemon flavour. The plants grow vigorous without too much leaf. Nodes stay tight for a sativa dominant strain and she usually finishes at her best in about 9 to 10 weeks of budding indoors under lights. A favourite with growers for ease and yields. Connsoisseurs who know good bud when they smoke it ask for it over and over again. This strain is the result of two award winning plants King and Vietnam Black.

Our Thai is the real deal, selected for a very high THC content that is mostly felt in the head. Some of our pure Thai selections have been dubbed “overwhelming” in terms of potency, even by seasoned daily medicinal smokers. The high tends to be very cerebral and intense, tapering into a long lasting state of energized levity. Some phenos will exemplify a “creeper” effect, coming on slowly with some effects that can also be felt in the body.

From this cross expect to find what could quickly become your favorite smoke if you enjoy an “up” experience with a great sense of happy euphoria; giddy may sum it up well for a high percentage of the plants that can be selected from this crossing of exceptional sativa dominance.

While you may likely find a couple less co-operative plants in terms of height gains indoors under lights, most of the plants should remain fairly well behaved in your indoor grow room or greenhouse. Given minimal time for vegetative growth, you can expect plants to finish near three feet or taller from a plant put into budding at nine to twelve inches tall.

With strong light and ample space for roots, these beauties can be encouraged to fill a lot of space with productive flowering sites very quickly during the early part of the budding phase.

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