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Kings Ransom X NH 21


Kings Ransom X NH 21 strain, regular seeds. Lovers of exotic Sativas will find some great examples of exotic Sativa lineage in this cross


Kings Ransom X NH 21 strain, regular seeds. Lovers of exotic Sativas will find some great examples of exotic Sativa lineage in this cross-while being able to manage plant height and reap good yields in a respectable cropping time indoors under grow lights.

King’s Ransom is a stable blend of a true blue NYSD female with Vietnam Black Sativa-the predecessor to Cannabis Cup Winning Willie Nelson (yes! There IS a story that relates to the man himself). A funky fuel with hints of fruit and spice aroma sets the stage for serious and soaring Sativa liftoff-with some body buzz to follow. Plants tend to get very big fast, keeping a fairly open structure to let in lots of light; the buds fill out fully by maturity with good density and not too much foliage.

NH21 is a Nevil’s Haze 21 pollen donor in the cross. NH21 is a perfect Haze specimen with piney sweet aromas and flavors with a penetrating and long lasting “up” high. Buds are full and long with very little leaf and plants tend to exhibit a wide horizontal growth pattern. Resistance to moulds is excellent; helping to preserve the complex bouquet, even under tougher conditions.

Expect lots of growth at the onset of flowering indoors. There is no need to veg for any significant length of time with typical plant spacing. Adequate space for roots will encourage more growth for greater yield potential where space allows.

To preserve the fine bouquet of aromas and flavors we recommend fertilizing sparingly, especially during the final stages. While incredibly potent, the best qualities of some of the exotic Sativa genetics in this lineage are actually enhanced over time with proper storage and curing-you’ll not subtle new flavors and aromas develop with time. The potency has a good shelf life too under good storage conditions.

Indoors preferred, Outdoor Potential with Moderately Long Season



Flowering Time

12 weeks, average


Increase During Flowering: finishes about Five Feet or taller with little or no veg period required


Large, full bright green sugary looking buds of swollen calyxes


Sweet candy and fruity flavors with hints of piney and fuel like notes.


Intense, focused, trance like high-excellent for creativity-some phenotypes may have some body effects too.

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