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Kushcicle AKA Resin Factory


While the Kushsicle is not likely to be the heaviest producer in your garden.


**FEM Kushsicle Seeds are temporarily Out of Stock. Reg is available**

A great addition for the Kush enthusiast or connoisseur.


Kushsicle produces extremely frosty and resinous compact buds; very “Kush” in aroma and flavor, but with an even higher resin content than you’ll find even in the more potent knock-down OG Kush variations that are in the market. If you are looking for an extremely potent, tight and compact bud that stands out from the crowd, you may not need to look further than the Kushsicle


While the Kushsicle is not likely to be the heaviest producer in your garden, when it comes to a tasty and potent smoke, she may quickly become your favorite.

Medical users looking for resinous potent alternatives to OG Kush and similar strains have praised Kushsicle for it’s fast to come on potent physical effects that may even border on psychedelic when smoked in greater quantities-with little development of tolerance over time. Expect a strong high that is longer in duration.

Kushsicle likes to branch out more than other “OG-type” Kush varieties, so it may be grown to bigger statures for larger yields. If grown SOG (sea of green) style, the Kushsicle can be spaced fairly closely together for a faster cropping cycle, although trimming of lower branches is recommended. You may need good odor control all the way from early veg because she likes to start squirting resin, on all parts of the plant, right from the start. By the end of the cropping cycle, much of the plant including the bud leaves, is covered in a white crystal carpet of potent resin.

Expect lots of top-grade trim for the best extracts and culinary possibilities after trimming a sticky Kushsicle AKA “Resin Factory” harvest!

Indoors prefered, although may be grown outdoors begining to finish in late Oct.

Moderate to Fair
Flowering Time

8-9 weeks

increase during flowering: 50-60%

Very “Kush” looking, light green, firm, crystal covered nugs with sparse orange hairs. With cooler finishing temperatures, shows purples and reds.

Sweet, sugary flowers with lemon and earthy fuel; very complex bouquet that shifts as the buds cure.

Very potent, physical effects that also stimulate the brain. When smoked in larger quantities may be trippy or psychedelic; very little “ceiling” to the effects, and recommended for patients with higher medical cannabis tolerances
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