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MM-X-NH21 Seeds


This cross is the feminized version of the cross between Nevil’s Haze and Mullumbimby Madness.



This cross is the feminized version of the cross between Nevil’s Haze and Mullumbimby Madness. Both parents represent the pinnacle of what the two lines have to offer. The advantage of feminization, from a breeder’s perspective, is that it is possible be very specific about what the pollen donor has to offer. In this case the pollen donor was arguably the best of the F1 NH cuttings that had been preserved. The pollen donor is the Nevil’s Haze 21, a piney sweet, haze dominant plant with excellent resin production.
The plant yielded well both indoors and out and has good mold resistance. The intensity of the buzz is the kind of thing that you should warn someone about before firing one up. Haze growers and smokers looking for a more cerebral sativa outcross that retains a lot of the highly desired Haze qualities without adding more indica genes should love what they find in a pack of this spectacular cross. The deceptively sweet almost sugary taste and aroma leaves you unprepared for the dimensional shift that occurs long before the joint is finished. It starts off innocently, but soon you are left staring at the joint wondering how such a sweet thing could alter your perception to such an extent. It’s less grounded than the NH.
Those who need more body stone in order to make sense of what’s going on, are left confused and dazed often muttering in their final throws of madness, “but I don’t feel anything”. This cross throws a range of types, most are indistinguishable from pure sativas. The MM seems to tame the tenancy of the NH to stretch and makes it generally a more manageable plant to grow indoors. In a sample of 10 plants, 3 still exhibited some of the indica characteristics still present in the NH and stacked on quite a bit more weight than the rest of the batch. They also had more bag appeal. Tastes and aromas are pine, sweet to sugary highly exotic, bordering on the sublime. It won’t smell as if a joint was smoked, rather, some one walked into an exotic space shop or bakery. A world class and exotic experience right down to the end of the smoke.
Mullimbimby Madness adds lots of vigor to the cross and is a noted producer, for example achieving yields of 14 LBS from a single plant outdoors in one noted instance. Branches are strong and sturdy, and the buds are stout and firm with broad, large rounded leaves. Mature specimens tend to take on very round and perfect bush appearance with lots of sturdy upright “tops” all the way around. The psychoativity of this exotic pure Sativa line developed by Kangavita borders on hallucinogenic, while being very cerebral. A heck of a ride. Being a pure sativa, the resin production is not on par with the NH, but don’t let that fool you. An ordinary looking bud can have an extraordinary effect, proving that it’s not all about resin quantity, but quality.
Nevils Haze 21 Is a perfect Haze specimen with piney sweet aromas and flavors with a penetrating and long lasting “up” high. Buds are full and long with very little leaf and plants tend to exhibit a wide horizontal growth pattern. Resistance to molds is excellent; helping to preserve the complex bouquet, even under tougher conditions. The resulting cross gives about 50% of the females exhibiting a great balance between the two parent plants-an ultimate and balanced sativa that is resistant to molds, is a good producer and that is capable of producing very large yields in about 14 weeks of flowering time with little to no time required for vegetative growth.

Indoors preferred, Outdoor Potential with Moderately Long Season



Flowering Time

14 weeks, average


Increase During Flowering: finishes about Five Feet or taller with little or no veg period required


Large, full buds glimmering with resin and very little leaf; large swollen calyxes


Very complex-notes of floral, spice and earthy sweetness.


Extremely cerebral and long lasting, bordering on hallucinogenic. Not recommended for inexperienced tokers; an excellent choice for those with high tolerance levels

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