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Northern Lights X Skunk


A re-worked Northern Lights x Skunk A.K.A “M39”

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Northern Lights x Skunk A.K.A “M39” REWORKED

When two world renowned powerhouses connect, the result is sure to be something special. The original cross, has come to be known largely thanks to commercial growers as “M-39” a fast, reliable and high-yielding plant that does well under almost any conditions. However, most tokers and medical users find the buzz to be short lived, and lacking depth; although when grown properly, the aroma is quite pleasant, bordering on spicy with hints of sweetness beneath earthiness. The aromas when grown and cured properly come out in the flavor too.

To retain what commercial growers have come to love in this cross and to give med users the depth they were looking for in the effects, the cross has been reworked and done with Atomic NL and The Original (RoadKill) Skunk as the lineage.

Expect to find a fast finishing, high yielding reliable stout-growing plant that delivers better on the intensity and duration of effects and a stronger more pungent aroma and flavor in the finished bud-delivering on everyone’s expectations on what a nice nug can be. Med users looking for a relaxing euphoric while somewhat functional buzz that stimulates appetite will appreciate what this cross has to offer. Not as “couch-lock” as one might expect, unless smoked in greater quantity.

Plants will be mostly indica in appearance,especially if you are looking for an improved version of the original, making them very well suited to SOG (Sea Of Green) and even vertical growing methods due to the tight spacing between growth sites and low leaf count. Also does well as a larger plant, indoors or out, especially if given adequate time to veg-out and build structure before budding starts as growth remains tight, even through flowering.

Responds well to stronger feedings, up to 1600 PPM is recommended for Indoors preferred

Good to Excellent
Flowering Time

6-7 Weeks

increase during flowering: 25%

Textbook buds. Medium to Dark green frosted compact buds with orange to brown hairs

Slightly pungent, earthy, spicey with a hint of sweetness.

Very relaxing and euphoric, stimulates appetite and balances mood. Good for sleeping if smoked in larger quantities.
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