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NYSD X Tuna Kush


Legendary Tuna Kush bud density without sacrifice



NYSD X Tuna Kush

This cross gives a more open canopy to the legendary Tuna Kush bud density without much sacrifice. Dried buds are firm and super potent, although notably larger looking with less foliage and more resin covered calyx. Expect great bag appeal and effects that will please even the savviest medicinal bud connoisseur.
Yields are respectable given that little veg time is required to finish larger plants that are able to receive lots of light on all parts of the plant. Initially in veg, plants will look compact with HUGE fan leaves. Once budding starts the Sativa lineage is expressed in the growth pattern, opening up the plant for lots of light and air circulation between budding sites. The buds finish large and swollen, with little leaf and mostly calyx. Worth waiting an extra week after you think it may be ready to harvest for added density and dry weights.
A very robust and hardy grower overall too. Finishing time is average in duration at 8 weeks, although there is the added advantage of less time in veg required to still finish a larger plant. If you like to finish your girls a little bigger, this is definitely for you. The buds tend to be on the very high potency end of the spectrum with slightly trippy and psychedelic qualities. The ride is well distributed between mental stimulation and physical relaxation. Very good for tokers with high tolerance levels and seeking potent effects from head to toe.


Very Good to High

Flowering Time

Flowering Time 8 to 9 weeks


Increase During Flowering: 50-75%


Large fat silvery lime green buds of medium density; very few leaves or hairs on buds. Gobs of swollen calyxes.


Berry hash. Some tropical notes too.


Strong medicine that effects from head to toe, very balanced high between mental stimulation and physical relaxation.

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