OG Kush X NH 21


A super potent cerebral and psychedelic hybrid

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Reeferman Genetics™ OG Kush X NH21

OG Kush is the standard fare in many medicinal marijuana gardens in North America.  While not without good reason in terms of potency and complexity of effects and bouquet, being a “clone only” strain by origin, more often that not growers find themselves with tired genetics.

To increase growth rates and offer a chance or OG Kush lovers to start a crop “clean” of common problems associated with cloning, our OG Kush was crossed with a stellar Sativa.

NH21 is a Nevil’s Haze specimen with piney sweet aromas and flavors with a  penetrating and long lasting “up” high.  Buds are full and long with very little leaf and plants tend to exhibit a wide horizontal growth pattern. Resistance to moulds is excellent; helping to preserve the complex bouquet, even under tougher conditions.

While some may think of OG Kush to be an Indica Dominant plant, it has Sativa in the genetics, which make for the opportunity to select for something near the OG Kush pheno-with some added advantages injected into the gene pool through the NH21 pollen donor.

Expect a slightly longer flowering period in the more OG selections, you’ll likely find some exceptional specimens that may require an additional week or two to reach full maturity.  Because there is an additional injection of Sativa, most phenos will finish larger with less time required in vegetative growth as the trade off for a slightly longer flowering period.


Flowering Time

9-11 weeks

varies, taller tendencies

potent swollen clusters of glistening calyx.

sweet and piney to lemon fuel and earthy

Intense,cerebral and possibly psychedelic, the more “OG” selections will taper down into a strong body sensation while those more to the NH21 tendency will tend to have little or no ceiling…very “up”.

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