OG Kush X Thai


A very potent smoke on all levels; very complex, long lasting with a tendency to border on psychedelic when smoked in quantity.

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OG Kush needs little introduction and sets the modern standard for potency, bud structure, intense aroma and other benchmarks that the modern medicinal toker judges a bud on. When grown adeptly it can be very potent while offering respectable yields with lots of vegetative growth or where high plant counts per light are permissible. Our Thai is the real deal, selected for a very high THC content that is mostly felt in the head. Some of our pure Thai selections have been dubbed “overwhelming” in terms of potency, even by seasoned daily medicinal smokers. The high tends to be very cerebral and intense, tapering into a long lasting state of energized levity. Some phenos will exemplify a “creeper” effect, coming on slowly with some effects that can also be felt in the body. This cross offers great potential for those looking to boost their OG Kush production by filling out their growing space quicker in early budding, so less time needs to be wasted in vegetative growth to finish plants at a good size for heavy yields. OG is a very potent strain, and the Thai added to the gene is a beautiful compliment to the intense OG experience that medicinal users seek. Perfect for those who have developed medicinal tolerances to widely available medicinal OG Kush. The “Up” nature of the Thai is a welcome addition to the far and deep reaching effects of our OG Kush selection, increasing the complexity and often the duration of the medicinal experience that so many have come to love and depend on to meet their medicinal requirements. Plants will have a tendency to finish with very tight pine cone shaped buds almost “greasy” with resin content, as resin production usually begins early on in the budding phase and continues until maturity. During the early to mid part of the budding phase plants will tend to stretch before finally packing weight and density into the budding sites. Removing excess foliage after 4 or 5 weeks of budding helps get light to all of the budding site for firm buds top to bottom at harvest. Does well as a multi-branched plant and benefits from ample space at the roots. Staking or trellising is recommended to support bud weight in later phases.
Indoors preferred, outdoors in very long season
Flowering Time

9 to 11 weeks, Outdoors Very Late

Good to Very Good

Increase During Flowering: +150%

Tight, dense and “dipped in sugar” lime green to purple nugs. Lots of crystal

Intense lemon fuel to pine.

Intense, felt all over bordering on psychedelic. Great for tokers with higher medicinal tolerances who benefit from the wide spectrum of relief benefits offered by OG Kush.

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