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OG X Ghost Train Haze Seeds


A state of the art Sativa-Kush hybrid for those looking for an intense and thumping THC rush; tested to be amongst the most potent strains on the planet at this time.


Reeferman Genetics™ OG X Ghost Train Haze

A state of the art Sativa-Kush hybrid for those looking for an intense and thumping THC rush. Tested to be amongst the most potent strains on the planet at this time. Our OG Kush cut is a great producer of super potent Kush buds. One of the most reliable Kush phenotypes we have worked with.  Yields of 5lbs or more per Monster grown plant have been achieved. Featured in High Times Magazine “BC Bud Grows Up”. NOTE: this requires exceptionally long veg times and special growing management practices.

Cannabis Cup winning Sativa

Ghost Train Haze™ by Rare Dankness seeds is a Cannabis Cup winning Sativa noted for it’s very high THC levels, reportedly testing over 25%.  It was developed, in part, by a crossing with Nevil’s Haze according to the breeders. As one of the keyholders in Nevil Seeds genetics, Reeferman Genetics™ has been working with several of Nevil’s Haze variants, including the much sought after NH21. By crossing our favorite NH21 donor to the Ghost Train Haze, we were able to identify and select the ideal candidate for breeding back into OG Kush lines. We doubled down on both OG and Haze genetics in order to bring you a reliable and relatively stable OG X Ghost Train Haze cross in regular seed form.
Expect lots of yield potential and super potent buds bordering on the psychedelic when adeptly grown. We are recommending this one be allowed to grow as a larger plant, Why fight a good thing? That is the natural tendency from both sides of the lineage in this stellar reworking of incredible Sativa & Kush genetics. While the buds finish dense and very frosted, you can expect a healthy surge of growth at the start of the budding cycle with some spacing between flowering sites.  The rates of gain in the first few weeks of flowering should be accounted for carefully, as not to run out of space.  This variety responds well to strong light levels, lots of room for roots and moderate feedings. Most phenotypes will require around 12 weeks under 12/12 lighting to reach full maturity.  It is advised to let the plants mature fully, as more flavors, aromas and potent resins come out during the final days before harvest.  Given lots of light, air movement and adequate spacing, the buds swell at maturity and finish with good density for a Sativa dominant strain.
The OG influence means that all the smaller bud leaves are typically encrusted with a thick matting of trichomes atop of the swollen and large calyxes developed by the Haze end of the genetic spectrum in this cross. Good potential for SCroG application and greenhouse potential, outside of indoor growing facilities with plenty of head room above.


very good

Flowering Time

12 weeks




full buds, light green, thick matting of trichomes and resins


light, sweet herb to floral hash


very potent and racy smoke, described by some as bordering on psychedelic

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