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Pig OG x Train Wreck


Reeferman has refined several OG strains, making a 3-way with heavy production.

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Reeferman has refined several OG strains, making a 3-way with heavy production.

Looking for bigger yields in your Kush crops? Here it is, a 3-way cross that produces the OG quality tokers have come to expect, but delivers bigger and heavier yielding buds that are less finicky to produce successfully.

Seriously dank and potent fuelly to chemmy smell with hints of lemon earthiness; covered so thick in resin glands it’s beyond sticky-it’s greasy! Sparse brown hairs and bud leaves that are covered end to end in long stalks of crystal.

If you crave OG and want more of it, just put the Pig in and stand back. Make sure you have some odor control when growing and harvesting Pig OG, you can smell her from miles! You will love the quality of the buds and be rewarded with heavier yields than you can achieve from most other true Kush varieties.

Indoors Preferred

Good to Excellent

increase during flowering: 50%

Very OG. Round crystal covered firm nuggets with few hairs and liberal amounts of resin encrusted bud leaves surrounding large swollen calyxes

Very strong, dank,pungent, fuelly, chemmy, spicey with a hint of lemon-very complex as a true OG should be.

High potency, comes on quickly with physical and trippy sensations. Great for sleeping once you level off and encourages appetite.
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