The perfect sweet and tart reward to end your day or to encourage some rest and relaxation.

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**Temporarily Sold Out*** Pineapple – 10 seeds / $60 The perfect sweet and tart reward to end your day or to encourage some rest and relaxation. Dried pineapple buds carry a pungent and strong tropical breeze with them, smelling of fresh pineapple with other hints of citrus; the smell alone could knock you down smiling. However, when smoked, these smooth-toking medicinal buds taste as good as dessert and before long you will feel your neck and shoulders begin to loosen and your mind begin to still, letting you down gently. A great selection for when you need to relax, and perhaps get horizontal for a while; while reducing aches pains and other physical maladies. Provides a tropical-like harvest of large, medium density and very sticky pungent buds. The shape of the bud may actually resemble a growing a pineapple fruit, being stout and having light orange hairs protruding straight out from the light green chunky nugs. The buds have a good calyx to leaf ratio ratio, meaning that not much needs to be trimmed away at harvest to expose the white carpet of crystals that contrast with the light orange hairs and bright green color. Combined with the truly unique aroma, these buds show as top-shelf medicine when dried and cured. Pineapple has the potential to be a good yielder, and is not known for being finicky to grow as an Indica dominant plant. Growers of all skill levels can expect good yields of chunky, frosty looking buds with a real pineapple flavor and aroma in 8 to 9 weeks after initiating the budding cycle when grown indoors under lights. Outdoors or in a greenhouse, Pineapple typically begins to mature late September in most climates, but is mostly recommended for growing indoors in tougher climates.
Indoors Preferred
Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks

Good to Excellent

increase during flowering: 50-75%

Miniature, bright green and frosted looking with light orange hairs-marijuana pineapples.

Very “pineapple” and citrus like-delicious.

Strongly relaxing and pleasant-deep rest and euphoria typically follow.

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