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RMG Pine Tar Kush Seeds

(3 customer reviews)


Enjoying RMG Pine Tar Kush provides a potent and deep physical buzz that lasts for hours.  The flavor is very pine to woodsy with some citrus and skunky notes; a beautiful complexity that brings veteran smokers back to the days of lucking out and acquiring a bag of this highly sought after strain.


Reeferman Genetics Pine Tar Kush

Pine Tar Kush, if you’ve smoked it, then you know!

Enjoying Pine Tar Kush provides a potent and deep physical buzz that lasts for hours.  The flavor is very pine to woodsy with some citrus and skunky notes; a beautiful complexity that brings veteran smokers back to the days of lucking out and acquiring a bag of this highly sought after strain.

The nugs are text book kush.  Round, firm and coated in trichomes on all parts of the bud and small bud leaves with a few firey red to orange hairs.  The smell is pungent and odiferous–one of those ones you just can’t help to keep on smelling in your stash jar.

Great for relaxing, unwinding and having some social laughs—a really happy strain with strong physical potency. Sure to have you snacking and enjoying some quality horizontal time.  A very potent but manageable pure Indica high.

With average THC levels of up to 22% and plenty of myrcene in the terp profile this old world beauty can compete with any modern strains for potency and often comes out ahead in terms of complexity in the flavor and aroma of the buds.

For growers, the yields are very respectable and the plants aren’t overly finicky for a true kush strain–performs well in most grow rooms and outdoors where the climate is warm and not too rainy at the tail end of the growing season.

Reeferman Genetics Pine Tar Kush plants grow fairly chunky and squat, with just a little bit of stretch in early flowering.  Does great as a multi branched plant, whether you veg them out big first or pack them in tight small–very adaptable to just about any growing style.  Expect big wide text book indica leaves in veg and round hard glof ball sized nugs in flower that bristle with resin glands on all parts of the bud and bud leaves by maturity.  Typically ready for harvest after 8 weeks growing indoors–going for longer really brings out the terps and makes for even heavier physical effects. is pleased to be able to offer this legendary strain, in female seed for, guaranteed to be 100% stable and female.  Get yours before it’s gone.

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3 reviews for RMG Pine Tar Kush Seeds

    Brian Petrie
    January 31, 2024
    These where free with one of my orders...first thing I will say .. this has some amazing genetics .. very strong genetics ..very hardy... taste and smell are amazing , grow fantastic indoor or outdoor... one friend said he had thought it was one of the best outdoors plants he ever grew and tried .. I would recommend this strain to anyone Thank you OSB 5 out of 5 Brian P.
    Dr Bob
    October 9, 2022
    RMG Pine Tar Kush
    Pine Tar Kush
    RMG Pine Tar Kush
    March 7, 2022
    My first review ever, and its only because the Pine Tar Kush that I just grew is an amazing plant with some truly kick-ass qualities. I bought these Seeds last Fall and was able to include a single Plant in the last of my Winter indoor mix. LST was applied from the beginning, to keep height under some level of control. Basically trained to lean back and away, providing a full Canopy to take over from a single Cola. This plant responded without issue to any and all applications, lets just say. lots of small moves vs hero makers. Lollipopped anything under the Scrog net, and once the bulk of the tent had been removed, this plant did not require a net to finish and it was removed. (PS it was grown beside an OSBA BLACK WILLIE high THC) As the grow progressed into and beyond 10 weeks, the temperatures were allowed to drop and a high humidity was maintained, this plant grew some incredibly solid, bulky buds. Lots of Amber trichomes were present in week 10 but the clear/cloudy mix was still only 50/50 and it took another couple of weeks, well into week 12, for me to pull the plug and Harvest this shortish plant. No more than 45 cm, it weighed just over a pound when Chopped. And 3.5 solid ounces of Bud were harvested, after 10 days of hanging. DID I SAY THERE WAS ZERO FLUFF ? ! Not one scrawny Bud was present. In the last month this plant to put out an odour, not obviously Pine, as I had been dreaming about, but it was simply Funky, and growing. Partly to blame on Black Willie in the next Pot I imagine... Now that it is harvested the smell coming from it should have those waves you see from Fuel, the air kind of dances above it... this plant smells of Pine, a real Earthy dankness along with what must be a Kushy kind of influence. Indica's are new to me, and if I'm correct, this version is a Great place to start. When the first joint was smoked, it immediately went right into a full cerebral buzz by the 3rd toke and yeh, it was impressive. By the time I finished, my next 3 hours were logically planned, the tunes were cranked and I was still writing shit on my Growdiaries page, completely ignorant of time, and having a blast. Zero desire to sit on a couch. My impression is closer to a 70% Sativa right off the bat, Smiling about the rest. I can see where the Indica slowly settles into this buzz, as the initial head buzz slides away unnoticed, the clock will be the first indication that things are slowing down. This bud lasts and I am still politely boasting here 5 days later. Cheers to anybody that reaches out and tries this. Certainly has a spring in it, and a big Hammer
    Reply from A Man:
    A real in-depth review we thank you kindly!
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