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RockStar Kush X Diesel


Heavy Yields & High Potency Hybrid Vigor

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Reeferman Genetics™ RockStar Kush X Diesel

Reeferman Genetics™ RockStar Kush X Diesel is a perfect hybrid between both sides of the Sativa and Indica spectrum from two Cup Winning Strains high potency strains.  Hybrid vigour makes growing these beauties to high yield potential a snap—most plants of this potency level tend to be finickier growers and taking a long time to develop good stature and time required to maturity in the budding phase.

Buds are tight, round to pine cone shaped and glisten with a thick layer of greasy resin at maturity.  The aroma and flavor are reminiscent of red skittles (sweet n tangy, candy like).  The effects come on intense at first as a cerebral rush, that creeps in and out; some call it trance like while motivating—which is followed by and combined with the deep penetrating physical stone and psychedelic edge that the RockStar Kush lineage is well known for.  Expect a long lasting and intense ride from this cross of super potent Cup Winning marijuana genetics.

Plants tend to grow well branched and are great for training as multiple tops; ideal for ScRoG (screen of green) training or trellising under lights to maximize yields. Plants grow vigorous and show a respectable amount of growth after budding starts while not being overly stretchy—a really good balance of light penetration and air circulation to bud mass at the flowering sites. No need to veg plant for long periods to get good yields, and you can expect super resinous, tight and pungent buds in a relatively fast 8 to 9 weeks after flowering starts.

Great for commercial growing due to vigorous nature and awesome bag appeal, plus single plants can fill out an area quickly when provided with good lighting and air circulation.  At harvest there isn’t much trimming of the buds required with a high degree of calyx to bud leaves; all very covered in resin. Buds dry to beautiful light green with tinges or purple to red and fill the air with a sharp to sweet pungent note.  The taste is like sweet and tangy hash with some lemon fuel.




Fairly Compact, pine cone shaped nugs, light green with tinges of purple to red; lots of clayx to leaf. Lots of resin, very “greasy”.

Sweet and sharp with some lemon and fuel

Initially very cerebral with some trippy sensations, also some good relaxation and rest inducing properties that follow. A fairly long lasting experience by most standards.
Flowering Time

8-9 weeks
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