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Sour Diesel x Skunk


When two stable high yielding hard budded sativa dominant plants connect

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Sour Diesel x Skunk, 10 seeds / $90

When two stable high yielding hard budded sativa dominant plants connect, you can select for a higher degree of what’s good in both of the parent plants in the offspring that result from this cross.

Both Sour Diesel and especially Skunk have been used as the backbone in the numerous (and famous) crosses that have resulted in many of the more stable and reliable performing strains being grown all over the world.

You can expect a lot of vigor, in both and veg and bloom, with some spacing between internodes. Very large top colas of medium density that swell with resin glands in the final weeks and develop to an extremely pungent and spicy penetrating odor as the crop develops to maturity.

The more light and water the plants receive, the bigger they get with this strain; it’s a very direct relationship with these building block strains. A good strain for commercial growers or beginning medical growers looking for solid, fast growth and reliable and healthy yields of good quality buds that have a cerebral edge, but that also provide a nice warm body stone with an overall calming effect. Easy to grow as large plants and also suitable for Sea Of Green applications.

While individual leaves may be large in size, the overall ratio of bud to leaf is exceptionally good, cutting down on the time required to trim the plants at harvest and lending to more light reaching on the lower portions of larger plants.

Very good resistance to common growing insects and diseases; give lots of root space ofr optimal results..

Indoors preferred, suitable for greenhouse growing or longer outdoor seasons

Good to Excellent
Flowering Time

8-9 Weeks

increase during flowering: 50-75%

Potential for very large buds with protruding towers of resin covered calyxes. Very small amount of leaf relative to bud.

Strong, pungent spicy and skunky odor with hints of citrus

Good balance of body to cerebral effects. Warm and calming without totally knocking you out. The buzz, while typically not overwhelming is deep and long and duration. Can be a little “racey” at first if smoked in greater quantities.

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