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Tuna Kush X G13 Alpha Dawg


F1 hybrid with hard frosty buds delivered in tight growth patterns

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Growers looking for hard frosty buds delivered in tight growth patterns while minimizing foliage will fall in love with this F1 hybrid. Expect medium sized dominant colas with a few respectable sized satellite buds on plants that veg at a good pace and remain compact through the budding cycle.

A fast finish can be expected with an average flowering time of 7 weeks to full maturity. Plants mature with dark green to purple foliage covered in a frosty rich slick of trichomes capped with resins. Very few hairs, and good bud density add to the splendour.

Great production under lights and fast finishes outdoors make this a really good selection for the commercially minded medicinal grower. Patients looking for deep relaxation, appetite stimulation and a general sense of well being should tend to find these qualities and more in this strain. Clones easily too.

The aroma is spicy and hasy with some earthy tones, and the falvour is mild and slightly sweet with spicy notes. Trimmings are excellent for processing, as all of the smaller bud leaves tend to have a liberal coating of silvery to white resin.

Try SOG or raised beds for fast high yielding crops of exceptional quality.


Very Good
Flowering Time

7 to 8 weeks

Increase During Flowering: 25%

Dark green (with possible purples), hard mid sized nugs covered in a layer of crystal with few hairs

Strong, pungent hash. Some spicy to earthy notes too.

Comes on fairly strong and tapers into deep relaxation, stimulates appetite and sends you back down to earth gently, no hard crash. Fairly long lasting effects.
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