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Z-Cut (Zen) Hash Plant X Tuna Kush


Impressive in both the potency and yield department

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One of the best all-round plants you may ever grow under lights to a medium or large size. Very impressive in both the potency and yield department. Flowering is a little longer than you might expect, a throwback to traits originating from the Santa Marta Gold genetic influx from the Z-HP project many years back. However the 10 weeks required to maturity yields and excellent reward.

Plants tend to exhibit a beautiful symmetrical growth pattern, the classic “Pine Tree”. If given lots of space to develop adequate side branching, yields per plant can get very high.

Buds are dense, compact and of good length and girth. Very “hash plant” in the look of the buds with an extra sprinkle of resin and trichome density from the Tuna Kush influence. Fairly easy to grow to a large plant, with a good size increase at the onset of the budding cycle.

Not much pruning required, and easy to manicure. A grower’s dream.

Tokers and medicinal patients are sure to live the deep classic body stone, leaving your limbs tingling and your face locked into a smile. Don’t expect to get a lot done after smoking this one; just expect to feel great.


Flowering Time

Flowering Time 9 to 11 weeks

Increase During Flowering: 65%

Large full buds round buds. Text book nugs, a few fiery hairs on a lime green bud that looks as if rolled in sugar from the rich resin content; total hash plant…with a little twist

Earthy spicy with a sweet pungent exotic layer of aroma in the bouquet. Very old school.

All over, leaning towards physical relaxation although it can come on strong initially; feeling the buzz start in your face and gradually spread out to the rest of your body. Potent and long lasting relief.
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