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Zen Hash Plant (F)


This strain has been a well guarded secret, and has now been made available to the medical growing community.

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This strain has been a well guarded secret, and has now been made available to the medical growing community. The result of a custom breed project where a very desirable hash plant (pure indica) e-worked for bigger yield and faster growth rates.

The resulting progeny, the “Z” plants, held onto all of the characteristics that made the original plant great: crystal covered, rock hard nuggets with few hairs and knock-down potency levels in a deep narcotic like buzz. The difference in the Zen plant is that it was better “all around” in that it is less finicky to grow and produces bigger yields with less time required in veg to get the plants to a respectable stature before budding. You can also expect better growth rates in the bud phase now too, versus “standard” hash plant growth characteristics; without sacrificing the tight growth patterns and dense buds that you have come to love in the strain.

A lot of people around the world have yet to learn about this special plant-if you love that hashy taste and aroma along with deep narcotic-like pain relief and would like to grow more of it in less time with less hassles, this is most certainly the plant for you. A legend in the making-try it, and you’ll see why.

Can be grown to a large high-yielding round bush or packed in tight for faster crop turn arounds with Sea Of Green methods; a very versatile and reliable plant. Good odor control during growth is recommended!


Indoors preferred, Outdoors Late September to mid October

Good to Excellent
Flowering Time

7-8 Weeks

increase during flowering: 25-50%

Dark green, resin encrusted, few hairs. Classic “hash plant” bud.

Strong. Hashy, musky, leathery.

Strong, long lasting deep narcotic effect; excellent for pain relief and stimulating appetite or for encouraging rest and relaxation.

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