Reeferman Genetics CBD strains seeds are available via Old School Breeders Association in both regular and feminized selections.

Reeferman Genetics feminized CBD WEB strains will all produce 0.5 to 1.0% THC and produce 13 to 17+% CBD when grown under good conditions to full bud maturity. This is an ideal ratio for people who desire strong CBD levels with very little THC. There is no intoxicating effects with full medicinal effects, whether for smoking or creating edibles or extracts.

If selecting regular Reeferman Genetics CBD strains seeds, the grower may expect some variation in CBD to THC ratios in all of the female and male plants that they grow out. About 25% of the females will exhibit high CBD and low THC ratio. The others may have equal THC to CBD and high THC to CBD. Regular CBD seed genetics can be a good choice for people looking to find the right ration of CBD to THC for their specific needs. However, it will take time and careful analysis to determine which plant will produce what levels–so you will need to keep mother plants to make and preserve your custom selection.