reeferman genetics UBC chemo strain feminized

The original UBC Chemo strain is a legendary clone only strain. It was reportedly developed at University Research level for help in treating the side effects associated with Chemotherapy. This is an updated version, made available as feminized seeds using the original UBC Chemo Cut. When grown from female seeds the bud density and overall potency have been improved versus the original. All that ultra-dank unique aroma and flavor is there.

Reeferman Genetics UBC Chemo Strain

The Reeferman Genetics UBC Chemo Strain provides the super deep and physically relaxing buzz. Stimulates rest and appetite while relaxing muscles and eyes. A very medicinal strain and great for overall relaxation and a happy sense of well being. Good yields and fairly easy to grow. Ready to harvest after 8 weeks of flowering. Plants develop round chunky buds with fiery orange hairs all the way up the well branched stems. Nugs dry and cure to light green, frosty and hard. #ubcchemo #chemostrain #chemofeminizedseeds