Expect to find some excellent mother stock from this poly-hybrid cross created from some of the most interesting Sativas under the sun (or lights). Nevils Haze23 is a direct sister of NH21; the “champion genes” are apparent. However, while clearly sisters, they have their own personalities and attributes.

The Twenty Three shows off with golf-ball type buds that develop up the length of the stems-typically denoting it as an exceptional Haze specimen in the NH line. She smells of exotic leathery frankincense aromas tickles you into a strong and clear “up” high. The SK.MM is a hybrid of the highest order, and is representative of the efforts Kangavita has made in refining the Mullimbimby Madness genetics while cutting down on flowering times with the influx of SK #1 genetics.

This strong plant produces excellent yields and stands well against molds and other stresses. The high is very cerebral and is noted for its soaring and very long lasting effects. As a poly-hybrid you can expect to see a degree of similarity in a strong portion of the resulting progeny, however, you are also likely to find some very interesting specimens. Picking a favorite to call your new mother may prove challenging with all the pedigree in this cross but being satisfied with any one of them for clear, strong and long lasting “up” experience will pose no challenge at all.



Yield: will Vary-phenotype dependent

Flowering Time: 11-14 weeks

Height: Increase During Flowering. Finishes about Five Feet or taller with little or no veg period required

Appearance: Large crystal covered sativa buds

Aroma: Spicy old school aromas and flavors

Effects: Extremely cerebral and long lasting. A soaring and clear high