A Cannabis Cup Winner, developed in the medical gardens of Lower Mainland British Columbia (BC, Canada). “The RockStar” as it has been come to known is widely regarded as one of the better buds you can smoke to kick back, relax and socialize with. Bubba Kush in an international superstar of phenomenal proportions both in popularity and for yield potential with growers. The resulting cross created by using a painstaking and highly professional feminization process in order to generate pollen from these otherwise “clone only” strains has given birth to an Indica-Kush dominant strain. It produces compact, rock hard nuggets that look like they were sprayed with diamond dust due to the extreme resin content on a backdrop of forest green.

Growth Habits

While growth habits and bud formation are the “kush” that you would expect from this cross, the tiny bit of Sativa heritage that surfaces in the appearance does a great job of increasing the size of calyxes in the buds; giving medical growers and tokes more solid smoking matter versus leafy material, as with some Kush varieties. When smoked, the buzz comes on quick, like a warm explosion inside of your chest, radiating outwards, eventually settling to a very pleasant, relaxed and euphoric state.

As with any connossieur quality Kush strain, you can expect a complex and delightful bouquet in the aroma, and flavors that coat your tongue and linger, giving up earthy, spicy and citrus flavors. All parts of the bud and smaller bud leaves are liberally encrusted with resin by harvest time, so there is excellent quality trim material available after harvest for preparing other medicinal products. Can be grown as a larger plant with lots of vegetative time, however, she will stay nice and compact with minimal side branching when grown in Sea Of Green or higher density plantings-reducing the amount of vegetative growth time required while increasing yield expectations.

Rockstar Kush

Rockstar can withstand stronger crop feedings and resists stresses better than many other Kush varieties. This strain may also be ideal for vertical growing applications, where very inch of space counts – Rockstar can be kept tight and produces very dense and heavy weight buds, relative to their size. Notes: She can get MASSIVE sun leaves-like telephone book sized-so indoors, under lighting it may be advisable to do a little pruning so that strong light reaches all parts of the plant, due to compact growth habit and dense foliage. Kush, Indica-Dominant – High THC Levels

Indoors preferred, Begins to mature October Outdoors



Flowering Time

9 weeks


Increase During Flowering: 50%


Dense, rounded tight nugs glistening with resin with sparse tan hairs


Earthy, citrus, spice with leathery tones-very complex


Comes on fast with a warm glow that radiates from the centre of the body outwards; overall, very relaxing and euphoric. Good potential for pain relief. Strong medicine.