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There is a reason our customers are loyal to us…
100% satisfaction guarantee* and excellent customer service.

“Fast shipping had within a week of ordering, seeds came in good shape look viable and will be germinated this spring!” – Matthew R.

Introductory Pack Seeds – “I bought this because it’s the only one I could afford and I would buy it again, but was able to grow two males and one female to completion and harvested a couple hundred seeds that I’ll continue to grow.” – Paul L.

“Purple Death Bubba seeds from Old School Breeder’s were great!!!! I had little seedlings in about a week. Planted them indoors, planning on bringing them outdoors for the summer months, Since I live in Ontario and they are already too big for the house!!!! It’s only April 16th, can’t wait for warmer weather!!!!! Just love my flowers I have now from Old School Breaders!!!!! – Aaron S.

The order was received as described (LAMBSBREAD X LEMON SKUNK), with germination and seed to seedling success rate of 100%.” – Craig L.

“You guys are great! Janice stayed on phone with me and put up with me not being able to hear that good, was polite and professional. Have had good success with seeds mostly.” – Hank M.

Cambodian Haze Seeds – “Stinky, sticky sativa – was interesting to grow, nice clear buzz but can make a person lose track of time. Plant grows faster than bamboo (in soil), recommend SOG/FIM x 2. Pleasantly surprised by the yield” – Joe M.

“Natural Mystic Seeds – Plants grow huge. Be mindful to buy only by feminized seeds though if not you will receive male plants.” – Lee A.

Hello gentlemen, I am ecstatic about your genetics!! This morning I went and looked at my “babies” and not only do I have 100% germination – I also have 100% sprouts 2 to 3 inches tall! These seeds were obviously superiorly bred, no white or lighter colored seeds in this batch! All seeds were dark brown and very uniform. To me it seemed like the product came from someone who cares. The service was spot on, my order got a little confused, but the seeds I really wanted showed up, and really quick! This was a great asset for me as I was getting a late start on my outside grow-op! This is not all, the owner contacted me here in Michigan, from I think it was Alberta Canada. “WOW” I think I have finally found a breeder I will stay with. I am 65 yrs old and have been growing outside all of my life, I have used awesome seed companies and some of the worst. In my opinion the worst seems to be the bigger seed companies. Thank you so much, you will hear from me again!! P.S. Post this if you want, maybe the companies with all the big advertisements will actually try to live up to they’re bragging and b——t and really put out a decent product, Beware of where you buy your seeds!!! THANX-again. – “MOKI”

“Fast shipping had within a week of ordering, seeds came in good shape look viable and will be germinated this spring!” – Matthew R.”Hey guys, I got a pkg. today. Thank you. Very nice. I think this is the 2nd time I have ordered from you and I am sure there will be more as time goes by. I just wanted to let you knowhow much I appreciate you making your Rock Star Kush available in regular seeds. I can’t find a lot of stuff like that around any more. As a 60 year old medical patient it means a lot. Have a blessed day my friends.” – Mark B.

“Hello again, I received the envelope from you. Thank you. I was very pleased with the extra seeds and the pen. I still have and use the first pen I received on my first order. Subsequent orders have arrived on time and were worth the price. This order was quite a surprise with all the bonus gifts. I remain a loyal customer and will always recommend old school to people who inquire about quality seed. Thank you again” – Gerry

Easy to order, good experience. Took two weeks to get order, get orders from the states faster. Received a catalog in the mail and a lot of strains interested me, called toll free number, was answered promptly and professionally but had no info on the strains I was interested in. So, all in all, pretty ok experience; but have not run my order yet, so no feedback on the final product. – Joe C

First class customer service! The person that took my order over the phone was very helpful ( unfortunately I did not jot his name down) and the customer service was impeccable! Black Tuna seeds were first ones to sprout and look very happy! Unfortunately, I am unable to upload a photo at the moment. – Deyler


Hey old school. Just thought I’d keep you up to date on how things are going. The comparison between crop king seeds, black gorilla and Old Schools Black Tuna. Well. Old Schools Black Tuna is the strain to grow. They have exceeded crop kings black gorilla by far. No comparison and I thank you for the ultimate strain. They cloned awesome as well. I am so thankful you sent me those seeds. Thank you again.” – Rick N.

“Thank you for my order that was amazingly fast, I like how you do business. Thank you the extra female and the second awesome pen.” – Donna B.

“Grea-ea-ea-eat light green color on all 6 Chemo baby plants, compare to all the other strain I have in my garden.” – Jérôme

Call anytime, Toll-Free within North America at 855-425-3437
International: 1-604-357-4793
Email with any sales related inquiries.

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*Old School BA will NOT replace or refund any Elite Seeds for any reason.


We encourage all customers to follow the laws set forth by their Country, State/Province and local municipalities.
Any seeds sold will be considered sold FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY!
We take no responsibility if they are used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal.

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