Chemo UBC Cut Feminized


Tokers and patients looking for potent alternatives to Kush strains appreciate this legendary potent indica strain

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Chemo (UBC Cut)

Tokers and patients looking for potent alternatives to Kush strains appreciate this legendary potent indica strain, rumoured to have been developed for potency at the University of British Columbia as an effective treatment for dealing with the pain, loss of appetite, nausea and other side effects that result from clinical chemotherapy treatments for a variety of cancers.

Patients report fast, physical relief and easing of their symptoms and note anti-anxiety properties after taking a few tokes of this truly medicinal bud. Growers equally appreciate this clone-plant too: she produces large yields of heavy dense tops that develop on a hardy plant that appears to be tolerant to a variety of indoor growing conditions-possibly stemming from the fact that this strain may have been developed in research greenhouses that operated with supplemental lighting.

Because Chemo is a phenotype from multi-hybrid cross, she is a “clone-only” strain and has been professionally feminized to make her available outside her native home of British Columbia Canada.

While she comes to you from the West Coast her heritage is likely deeply rooted in Afghanistan; she gives hints of old school skunk while exhibiting aromatics and flavors that are all her own-the trademark Chemo aroma is truly appreciated by connoisseurs.

The bright green buds with dark green crystal covered bud leaves provide a very therapeutic and deep buzz, like being wrapped in a warm blanket of stoniness-however, this isn’t couch lock weed. There is enough Sativa hidden in the heritage to keep you functioning in a relaxed state, with noted effects in decreasing anxiety and pains.

As the story goes, the clone that was “commandeered” from the research greenhouse many years ago was being professionally developed by University level horticulturists specifically for medicinal marijuana applications for treating and helping to alleviate the effects of Chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Indoors preferred, Begins to mature October Outdoors


Good to Excellent

Flowering Time

8 to 9 weeks


Increase During Flowering: 50%


Fat, rounded and very dense sticky green frosted buds with light colored hairs


Unique-with hints of skunkiness and spice


Physical and relaxing long-lasting high that is great for alleviating stress, aches and stimulating appetite and rest.

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10 Feminized Seeds, 5 Feminized Seeds


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