Pink Kush


Believed by some to be the original injection of genetics leading to present OG Kush

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Pink Kush – 10 seeds / $125

Believed by some to be the original injection of genetics leading to present OG Kush genetics commonly grown and smoked today. One West Coast veteran marijuana mogul remarked “consistently best strain seen during career” on the topic of Pink Kush.

Pink Kush produces top-shelf quality Kush buds coated in resin and ladden with exotic aromas and flavors that border on sugary along with the tell-tale pink hairs that contrast the bright green buds. An exotic Kush plant of the highest order that produces very sticky (almost “greasy” feeling) and hard potent buds that deliver an intense, but balanced high-not total “couch lock” as there is some Sativa in the lineage in the breeding, as is reflected in the vigorous growth habits and slightly longer flowering time.

Produces vey large buds compared with most Kush strains, and carries the resin content and layers of flavors and aromas that are considered part of the make-up of the OG kush strains that dominate the North American medical marijuana market.

During the final weeks, this strain like to defoliate itself, saving time on trimming and a sure sign that the plant is jamming all energies into producing the stickiest and dankest buds on the planet. These genetics are predispositioned to spurt resin; and they have been built onto the back of strains in the cross that can produce; given proper care and conditions are met.

Connoisseur quality buds, commercial yields; all good things to those who wait on the extra week or two required in bud over common OG strains with the Pink Kush.

Indoors preferred, Outdoors buds mature late October into November

Good to Excellent
Flowering Time

10-11 Weeks

increase during flowering: 50-75%

Very large, solid, resin covered “OG” nugs; dense carpet of resin glands over all parts of the bud.

Spicy, earthy, complex layers; everything you can expect in a connoisseur quality Kush

Strong, long lasting deep narcotic effect; excellent for pain relief and stimulating appetite or for encouraging rest and relaxation.

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