RMG Hoa Bac (Vietnamese Silver Leaf)


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Reeferman Genetics™ Hoa Bac AKA Vietnamese Silver Leaf Hoa Bac came to us as an exceptional South East Asian Sativa strain that is an excellent choice for exotic tastes in cannabis in both areas of bouquet and effect.  RMG Hoa Bac has been selected for the ability to grow and produce well indoors under grow lights in controlled environments from the original Landrace seed stock. To further add to the credit of Hoa Bac, it just happens to be an offshoot and contributor to several Cup Winning strains. A productive and exotic Sativa strain that yields beautiful buds indoors within a respectable time frame describes the habits of this plant when grown indoors. Buds can be described as super resinous firecrackers, while the central bud can grow long, however, the open and upright irregular branches fill with many small buds that can receive good light from the open growth habit most phenotypes exhibit. This variety is best grown out as larger individual plants or trained for trellising or ScRoG (screen of green) growing methods due to it’s naturally widely branched tendencies.  However if put into flowering early with reasonable planting densities and some pruning it can be grown productively as a more compact plant—although we say why fight a great thing—let them get BIG and prune to concentrate production into budding sites receiving lots of light. A well-established seedling can easily finish at a few feet tall, and much bigger if given some time in the vegetative growth phase before inducing the budding cycle.  In the majority of climates, this variety is best grown indoors, although it could be grown with success in greenhouses that extend the season or outdoors in equatorial climates. The high is very up and happy in moderation.  The effects have little to no ceiling, meaning the more you smoke, the higher you can get.  The high creeps into your conscious mind over time—initially you may think you’re not feeling much until it really hits you a little while later. Over indulgence can lead to panicky sensations in patients with lower tolerance levels. Count on exotic flavours, aromas and experiences with this strain—and look forward to a fairly easy growing experience for a pure Sativa—just be patient and go light on fertilizers.  It can be tempting to harvest early. However, the yield and quality increase exponentially as the plants mature, which is well worth the extra wait on both accounts.



Flowering Time

12-14 weeks




Long full top buds of silvery loosely packed large calyxes and small bud leaves, side buds resemble frosted firecrakers.


Spicy with an unmistakable but very distinct undertone, slightly reminiscent of Reeferman Genetics™ Black Willy


Warm cerebral glow, can be a little “racey” with little or no ceiling; a very potent and highly exotic Sativa rush.

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