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Cali/Alaska Diesel Auto Seeds


This strain has been bred in AK for 20 yrs by MTF J and his team. It likes nitrogen through the whole cycle until 14 day flush. He uses live soil swimming with Red Wiggler’s (worms) uses Kelp, Rice hulls to feed his microbe Inoculation.

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This strain has been bred in AK for 20 yrs by MTF J and his team. It likes nitrogen through the whole cycle until 14 day flush. He uses live soil swimming with Red Wiggler’s (worms) uses Kelp, Rice hulls to feed his microbe Inoculation. Uses his own nutrients which are plant based so best results are with a organic or Veganic nutrient protocol.

Another tip for the nitrogen is Alfalfa meal which is absorbed fast and digested by worms and microbes. Azo’s or Azomatics are also suggested to end up with highest quality terpy dank diesel.

Transplant first 5-7 days into final container or into 3 gallon minimum if you’d like to veg under 20-24 hrs of light for 2 weeks. After that put into 7 gallon container at smallest. Most common mistake MTF J says in Autos is not transplanting fast enough into big containers. The Taproot hitting bottom and half or more of yield is lost right from the start.

We tested just planting plants 5 days apart and just that little difference resulted in the first transplanted yielding 88 grams (dry flower). The others 5 days in small containers for 12-13 days yielded just 57 grams so a little time means big deal with Autoflowers (not all). With all of his strains he says transplant fast 5-7 days, start under 400-600 watt lights, not closer than 30 inches to plants 20-24 hrs a day.

Breeder uses 600 and 1000 watts to start seedlings at 24 hrs light, puts direct into 5 gallon containers. Goes 14 days that way then puts in ground, greenhouse or bigger 10-20 gallon cloth bag and gets quarter pound. Most growers will get around 50 grams with Pro mix type soil mixes.

Autoflowers are easy to grow, transplant fast. Lime for PH (powdered not pellet type) Organic or Veganic nutrients. Alfalfa through whole cycle as top dressing and or teas. If using commercial nutrients fox farms big bloom works good to great with Alfalfa and Cal/Mag and humic and fulvic acids are also little tricks to maximize your quality and is reason most think autos aren’t great Cannabis. Lack of knowledge, poor genetics, and not transplanting quick enough and thinking you can throw out some autos hit them with miracle grow and call it good. Not.

MTF J Alaska Auto x Cali Diesel x Cali Diesel and bred to not bottleneck strain and pass on best phenos. 70-78 days seed to harvest. In 7 gallon container, transplanted in 7 days Avg yield will be around 48 grams. If tips with nutrients are used with nitrogen up until day 55-57 and live soil and in ground yield will avg 60+ grams. One pic is from Jamaica grow where storm flooded fields, rained 2 weeks sideways and killed the whole 1 acre plot all plants except this Alaskan bred Diesel.

AK has long daylight so Autos and his IBL Super Autos do best with these midnight sun conditions but have no doubt summers are less than 90 days in most cases and it will rain in August every day in Southeast and these genetics have to be bullet proof period. Even for someone with no experience growing Cannabis or cactus. Transplant fast, try to give 18-19+ hrs minimum or more first 5-7  days, don’t feed over 1000 ppm ever and really only needs it that high from day 38-45, rest of cycle not over 800 ppm. Check PH, don’t over water first 14 days, Flush 14 days w molasses first 7-10 days of flush then straight water.

Tips Cal mag is as important as the humic/fulvic acids. Alfalfa meal inexpensive, Red Wiggler Worms, Seaweed or Kelp, if organic Sea Bird Guano, Micros and Azos (many products at local grow shops, tell them hey I wanna add mykos and Azos to my soil, greenhouse they will hook you up no doubt. If you must use store bought bloom use Alaska Bloom fish fertilizer or if for whatever reason you don’t like the fishy smelling stuff use Fox Farms or something equal as far as Organic types.

If interested in his MTF J All natural nutrients contact him at his email attn. MTF J. MTF Labs Natural nutrients with N P K One product that has your nitrogen and humic and fulvic acids all in one product, another that aerates your soil and prevents over watering and a growmatic specially formulated for Autoflowers these are highly absorbable and guaranteed best deal in retail period. Lowest price guaranteed per acre for hemp or Cannabis.

Bubba Kush who knows breeder quite well was shocked how well an all natural fertilizer worked on plants, with less nutrient applications than any other product he’d seen and agreed that the flower tested against the Mainstream expensive fancy bottled nutrients was head and shoulders cleaner burning, enhanced terpenes and was by far the best Pre 98 Bubba Kush tasted since his outdoor all natural grows and is using in Breeding and Cultivations for 2021 and at an Avg size 4000 sq ft Indoor Cultivation if in soil, thousands per year is saved alone in nutrients for higher quality top shelf product. If hydro set up over 10k+ per year is easily saved and a product (all natural) keeps lines, emitters, drip lines clean. Ships worldwide.

Also have tea bags (yes like Lipton tea bag ha ha) you just drop in gallon of water done. And is Omni rated and we don’t believe in pushing products but this all natural, highly absorbable and you use only a few applications through auto cycle and breeder gets yields over a QP on a regular basis.

The product is the nitrogen w humic fulvic and amino acids and all whom have tried have bought the product or asked to be put on next batch list. We’ve got production going now for global release and would love to show you something I worked on for over a decade and is most absorbable all natural product and with humic fulvic added on market. Costs a tenth of what Advanced Nutrients Chemical equal product and in head to head tests for a year against top 6 national retail brands and out performed all.

In blind taste tests the smokers 9 of 10 chose the All natural Ganja. The other gal admitted to smoking dabs before test so next test 10 of 10 chose the All Natural Cannabis.

We grew on hemp plots in Canada at 95 dollars for nutrients per acre which well is hundreds less than avg. Closest competitor was $148 per acre with no humic fulvic added. We have all natural pesticide also. 

Here’s strain info AkCali Diesel Auto 5-10 % Ruderalis, Sativa 70% Indica 20-25% depending on pheno. Seed to harvest 70-78 days done. Plant height 30-58 inches depending on veg indoor time. Yield 28 -100 Grams depending on transplant, container size, soil, nutrients and skill play into Avg. THC 17% avg but only tested 3 over years highest was 19%, lowest 15% other was 17.4 but had CBD at 8.6 So there is one high CBD one that shows up 20% of time out of 10 females.

The other two tested were different phenos one the shortest pheno at 29 inches was highest THC at 19 the biggest yielder was lowest at 15 it’s the big bushy pheno and yields a QP in ground in AK. The tall pheno hasn’t been tested, but has a little sweeter smell but still fuely and does yield well too but believe it’s highest Sativa pheno, takes 78 days. Taste is different from pheno to pheno with 2 strong diesel, jet fuely, piney, coffee bean (like a BUBBA KUSH KINDA). Taste is piney, if flushed correct with Molasses piney with minty floral is brought out in terpenes. All phenos will have high pinene terpene. One pheno the short high Thc pheno has more earthy Kushy type taste with coffee taste, smells more like Insence and Jet fuel on a tarmac with burnt rubber thrown in.

Can be trippy and have been told it has CBG but have no proof but high THC one is definitely trippy and others aren’t but didn’t have CbG done on tests. 1 in 10 females will have purple/pink even raspberry color and usually is shorter high THC one. Some whom don’t transplant and leave in 4 x 4 inch container for say 20 days may get 8-10 grams after putting in a 2 gallon container after 20 days and using crappy soil and miracle grow or nothing. Worst example was 5 grams put in 1 gallon container that I’ve seen but had in 2×2 inch insert type. Kept them at 18 hrs for 21-23 days, his 5 feme seeds out of 10 avg 5 grams. 25 grams total so I always suggest transplant 5-7 days or direct into final container, if given 5-7 days 20-24 hrs light, with no nutrients just lime in 5 gallon bucket it will yield a oz with poor care. 

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