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Love Potion Next Gen


Love Potion The Next Generation strain seeds, your ticket to bold new worlds and beyond!


If you seek the euphoric, “loving life” and happy rush of Love Potion but crave a little more buzz in your body, and a slightly stiller mind with more girth and production potential in your harvest? Love Potion-The Next Generation is your ticket to bold new worlds and beyond!

The results of this cross offer a wonderful balance between the Sativa to Indica spectrum for fast rates of growth that yield potent buds of good density in a workable flowering time.

Love Potion is an award winning strain of international recognition (High Times Cannabis Cup), and is noted for it’s gourmet qualities in flavor, aroma and of course a playful buzz. Some tokers find that Love Potion really does live up to it’s name and inspires amorous thoughts and warm tingly feelings. Some say this is the “cupid” of all strains.

GrandDaddy Purple is a California classic, with this particular line developed by Jojo Rizzo in the North. This ““strain produces huge buds indoor or out, which is exemplary of the Big Bud genetics successfully mingled with Purple Urkle in the genetics. This strain is loved by growers for it’s reliable production of very high yields of forearm sized top buds. Tokers and patients appreciate the mind-calming, physically sedative and dreamy like qualities the crystal covered buds provide, while tasting of sour dried grapes in a very smooth smoke. Truly medicinal.

Plants will exhibit fast growth rates during the vegetative phase and less stretching during early flowering over the original Love Potion, which tended to lean towards the Sativa spectrum. The fact that there is less stem and more budding sites coupled with the explosive manner in which the GDP likes to fill out her buds in girth gives way to great cropping potential. When cooler conditions prevail towards maturity, beautiful and intense colorations may develop.

Indoors preferred, Begins to mature October Outdoors


Good to Excellent

Flowering Time

10 weeks


Increase During Flowering: 50%


Large and extremely resinous buds, small orange to yellow hairs. Some phenotypes may exhibit purple colorations when cooler conditions occur.


Fruity, lemon to dried grape aroma with hints of earthiness. Excellent bouquet.


A happy balance of “up”, happy (and possibly amorous) with an overall sense of relaxation. May prove useful to treat anxiety, aches and pains and stimulate appetite; great potential for medicinal applications.

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