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Spotlight On: Natural Mystic Seeds


NATURAL MYSTIC SEEDS Natural Mystic Jamaican Sativa (Jamaican Triple Crown Collection) Classic Jamaican Sativa genetics, isolated and selected using modern analytics from a wide field of beautiful and Ganja plants.  A super happy, elevated euphoric buzz with some physical tingles is characteristic of this quality smoke with deep roots in the Jamaican Ganja gene pool. Can grow to tree-like statures in a greenhouse or outdoors where there is a long… Read More »

Spotlight On: Maple Kush Seeds


MAPLE KUSH SEEDS Maple Leaf x Skunk A great take on getting better yields from a medical Kush Crop-with less time in the veg cycle when growing larger, high-yielding individual plants or looking to get more out of your crop space on a per-stem basis. At the same time re-working the Kush has added some new flavors to the buds; helping create a more distinguished harvest while retaining the trademark… Read More »

Spotlight On: MBA Riga Hammer Female Seeds

MBBA Riga Hammer Female Seeds

MBA RIGA HAMMER FEMALE SEEDS EXOTIC KUSH STRAIN GENETICS, FEMINIZED SEEDS MBA Riga Hammer Female Seeds by Monster Breeders Association breeder, L.X. Luthor delivers on hard and fast hitting potency in a fast flowering 45 day strain indoors. Outdoors she will finish as a deep purple to almost black plant late September to Early October in Northern Latitudes. The buds finish as super dense golf ball sized rock hard flowers… Read More »

Spotlight On: Kali Myst Seeds


KALI MYST SEEDS (SE Asian X Tajikistani) X Tajikistani If you like exotic highs and tastes, this is an excellent selection for your indoor or greenhouse garden. Kali Myst pays tribute to the Goddess of Ecstasy, for which she is named for by combining our Finest and Most Rare South East Asian Sativa genetics with a double dose of our Tajikistani Kush. The result is a vigorous growing plant that… Read More »

Spotlight On: Grand Daddy Purple Seeds


GRAND DADDY PURPLE SEEDS MMSS’s Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) gets it’s legendary origins from the backwoods of Northern California from none other than the departed JoJo Rizzo, famous for his quality contributions of genetics for medical cultivators. Historically, this has been a “clone only” strain that has circulated for several years with newer variations having been bred and incorporated under the “GDP” moniker. Purple Eurkle and Grape Ape are cousins… Read More »

Spotlight On: Early Appalachian Auto Flower Strain Seeds


EARLY APPALACHIAN AUTO FLOWER STRAIN SEEDS This variety is a cross of well known and tested strains with a good blend of indica and sativa. Primarily bred for a staggered harvest outdoors it also does very well indoors. Plant structure is mostly one large cola with minimal branching. Ancestry includes Lowryder, G13, Hash Plant, Dutch Treat and an early flowering sativa grown for many years in the North Appalachian mountains.… Read More »

Spotlight On: C99 NYSD X Tuna Kush Seeds


C99 NYSD X TUNA KUSH SEEDS Firm buds, bordering more on the Sativa end of the spectrum than the Indica-Kush phenotype of this stellar lineage. Very good production with lots of punch in the potency department. Plants can get very big, while remaining respectably tight in growth pattern in no time at all given strong lighting levels and the space to fill out. Grows as a large round bush, with… Read More »

Spotlight On: Golden Temple Kush Seeds


GOLDEN TEMPLE KUSH SEEDS 5 seed pack – $60 10 seed pack – $100 Hybrid seed from Reeferman Genetics. You can’t go wrong with this Kush Strain seed.

Spotlight On: Blue Dragon Seeds


BLUE DRAGON SEEDS Blue Dragon strain tastes and smells of berry. It takes about 8-9 weeks to bloom. Blue Dragon is a hybrid, indica dominant strain that’s a cross between Sour Diesel and Blueberry. It is made up of dark green and dark purple leaves, orange hairs and crystals. The effect is heavy, and would cause the body to mellow out. It is recommended for those with chronic pain. Flowering… Read More »

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