Best ScrOG Cannabis Strains

Seed Genetics for Screen of Green Growing Methods

What are some of the best ScrOG cannabis strains? Growing your buds using Screen Of Green methods can produce very high yields of all top buds while using low plant counts.  ScrOG growing literally uses a screen, typically trellis type netting in a rigid frame that is supported above the cannabis crop.  As cannabis plants develop, the growing tips or budding sites are trained to grow horizontally along the screen or netting.  The side shoots then grow upwards, creating many top buds from a single plant (when given sufficient growing time to create a healthy ScrOG structure before flowering begins).  You can use more plants to cut down on the veg time required–or just a single plant can cover a significant area with time and patience.

Just like with all growing styles and set-ups, some strains will be naturally better suited to ScrOG methods versus others, although just about any strain can be put into ScrOG production.  However, lets run through some of OldSchoolBA’s best ScrOG cannabis strains to help ensure maximum yields of buds while not having to spend too much extra time trying to make a strain work with this method.

In ScrOG growing methods, the key to best strain selection is lateral branching.  In cannabis, the lateral branches are the branches and buds that develop along the sides of the plant versus just the main top, which can remain dominant in a lot of strains. Strains that produce side branches that catch up to or equal the main stem as the crop develops are favorable for selection.  However, if flowering sites like to still stay very close to the stem and one another (even on a well branched plant) the strain may not be the best candidate.

So to summarize, the best ScrOG cannabis strains will like to branch widely AND have a lot of development at each of the lateral flowering sites. 

Sativas and sativa dominant hybrids tend to be the best candidates to fit this criteria–and indica lover’s rejoice, there are sativa hybrids that grow like a sativa that still produce hard tight buds with strong physical potency that you have become accustomed to from your favorite indica strains.

So, without further delay, here’s OldSchoolBA’s list of some strains that we love to grow out using ScrOG methods–and please do note, there are many others we offer that are also well suited to ScrOG growing methods.  We just know you’ll love having success with the following:

Black Willie (THC or CBD variant)

RMG Sherbert

RMG Romulan

RMG C-99 (and crosses)

OldSchool Lemon Skunk



ScrOG Photo Credit: 907Guy