Cannabis Seed Storage

How to Maintain & Preserve Cannabis Seed Genetics

Proper cannabis seed storage helps maintain germination rates and cannabis seed viability. Improperly stored seeds will have lower germination rate percentages and can eventually render cannabis seeds as non-viable for germination.

OldschoolBA guarantees 100% satisfaction for cannabis seed germination rates for 6 months from when our seeds are shipped.  This is not to say that they won’t have excellent germination rates for years when properly stored, however. Our seeds are carefully stored and are only taken out of storage when ordered to help preserve maximum germination rates and seed viability when they arrive to you. Storing your seeds properly can ensure years of viability.

Cannabis Seed Storage DO’s

For long term cannabis seed storage use air tight glass jars AND air tight packaging.

Pack cannabis seeds with a food safe desiccant pack-they are cheap.  Dry rice may be used as a DIY substitute (better than no desiccant at all)

Store in a dark place

Make sure to handle seeds with clean dry hands, or preferably gloves

A cold place is best–provided they are not warmed and then cooled repeatedly (keep temperature steady)

Cannabis Seed Storage DON’Ts

Take in and out of storage conditions frequently

Store seeds after handling with wet or dirty hands

Keep or expose seeds to high humidity levels

Allow direct light strong light on seeds for prolonged periods

Easy Cannabis Seed Storage at Home

  1. With clean dry hands, preferably gloves, give seeds a gentle wipe with a clean dry cloth or paper towel.
  2. Place in a small plastic storage bag with a food safe desiccant. NOTE heat seal mylar bags are great.
  3. Place sealed seed pack in a clean, very dry small mason type jar with desiccant
  4. Put jar in freezer–and label well, ie strain name, storage date
  5. IMPORTANT! It’s not good to take seeds in and out of freezer–once stored in freezer don’t take them out until you are ready to germinate them. It’s better to store smaller usable batches individually–this way there is no need to take them in and out just to grab a few seeds to pop, hurting viability of the stored batch.