Feminized Seed Growing Tips

Female Cannabis Seed Cultivation Best Tips


Following these feminized seed growing tips will help you ensure that you get the best results possible from your feminized cannabis seed strains. There is an important difference between true female seeds and seeds self produced by hermaphrodite plants.

Hermaphrodite plants are not true females; they are genetically predisposed to develop male flowers on parts of the mostly female plant–typically the result of stresses, although inherent to some landrace genetics. These traits are undesirable for breeding purposes.

Female seeds are produced by triggering a stable 100% female plant to produce some male flowers, strictly for donating all  female pollen.  This pollen is then used to produce all female seeds in 100% female plants.  Since there was no “Y” chromosomes in the equation (females are XX), the resulting seeds are 100% female. This process can vary from breeder to breeder with more scientific approaches being preferred for producing 100% stable female seed strains.

If enough stress is put on any female cannabis plant there is a probability it may develop some male flowers.  The probability is increased if the plant was produced using feminized seed methodologies.  To help ensure you get the best results possible when growing female cannabis seeds follow these feminized seed growing tips and you’ll never see a single male flower and reap heavy harvests of sticky dank that only can come with seed grown vigor!

Top 5 Feminized Seed Growing Tips

1) Irregular lighting cycle or interrupting the dark cycle is a big No-No when growing crops of buds from feminized seed. Make sure there are no lighting leaks coming into the growing area during the dark cycle too.

2) Take advantage of the tap root that only seed grown cannabis plants have.  Clones produce shallow fibrous root systems, by contrast.  Confining a tap root (pot size is too small) puts stress on the plant, potentially leading to problems and diminishes harvest potential.

3) Feminized plants can be more sensitive to big swings in moisture levels in the soil or root system.  Don’t go from heavily saturated to bone dry–avoid excessive water or dry levels for happier feminized cannabis crops.

4) Excessively high or low humidity or temperature swings produce weaker plants that are prone to problems.  Plants can tolerate ranges of either, however if the conditions aren’t consistent or stable don’t expect to bring out the best that you seed genetics have to offer.

5) A lot of strains yield better with some light pruning.  Pruning more than 30% of the plant’s original canopy away in a single session places a tremendous amount of stress on a plant–go ahead and prune, it’s best done in moderation.

BONUS TIP: Don’t clone or breed from female seeds, regular only is best here.  Sure, you may have success with a particular strain.  More often than not, you won’t.  Trust us.