MBA Monster Breeders Death Bubba Kush

Death Bubba Kush, Don’t Let the Name Scare You

MBA Monster Breeders Death Bubba Kush is just the ticket for the potent kush lover. The name isn’t to do with anything dark–this bud is just so potent that even experienced tokers with high THC tolerances can’t help but to nod off, dead to the world, after a few good rips of this very tasty and pungent smoke. Great for unwinding, inducing appetite or encouraging sleep. The taste is truly kush. Layers of earthy skunky fuel notes are highly odiferous–everyone in the room will know if you have a nug stashed on you, as if they couldn’t already tell from your eyes or big relaxed grin if you’ve already had a toke or two. Novices beware, the delicious kush taste and aroma will draw you in for more when just a puff or two is usually plenty for most folks to kick back and drift.

MBA Death Bubba Kush is created by crossing the highly sought after cutting only Death Bubba with one of our own special highly potent Kush strains to improve vigor, as the original Death Bubba is a notoriously slow grower and tends to be very finicky making it hard to obtain heavy yields in a respectable cropping time.

Don’t worry, you’ll hardly notice an difference between the original Death Bubba Kush and MBA Monster Breeders Death Bubba Kush–only that your plants gain stature faster and aren’t as finicky with nutrients or moisture levels at the roots. This version will produce good yields of super frosty buds in a wider range of growing conditions without sacrificing potency and the notably intense kush flavor and aroma that Death Bubba Kush is known for.

Limbs grow tall and upright with irregular branching.  Expect multiple tops without pinching off grow tips, bending,etc. Buds develop with some space between nodes, filling out into very dense golf ball like clusters. Excellent as a SOG plant with little to no vegetative growth required.  Can be grown to a large bush with a little bit of veg time with improved vegetative growth rates over the original Death Bubba. Typically doesn’t require trellising or staking because the branches are sturdy in most situations–making it easy to get into the canopy for inspecting or pruning for canopy management.

With buds this dense, the moderate space between nodes helps improve air circulation around the buds, as leaves tend to grow large and round; text book kush. Yields are better than average for a highly potent strain.

dried mba death bubba kush buds