Heavy Buds South from Cannabis Genetics North

Cannabis Strain Northern Vigor, Getting Bigger Yields & Healthier Plants South of Original Cannabis Genetics  By L.X. Luthor

Northern vigor is a phenomenon that occurs in a variety of crop types including potatoes, strawberries and garlic.  It has been observed and documented that some varieties of propagated plants produce seeds, tubers, cuttings, etc of superior quality for transplant and ultimately better harvests in Southern regions when the original material, ie seeds for an example, have been produced at more Northern latitudes, like Canada.

In these situations, identical genetics developed and produced at Northern latitudes and grown at Southern latitudes show hardier growth and better resistance to insect or disease pressures for higher yields and better quality harvests versus the same genetics both produced and grown at the same Southern latitude. Simply put, the same seeds are producing a better harvest because the seeds originated from a more Northern latitude.

cannabis seeds sprouting


Trend Applicable to Cannabis Crops

Some growers are also finding this trend to be applicable to Cannabis crops, especially where CBD or Hemp production is concerned. High THC level cannabis crops have also shown to demonstrate the Northern Vigor effect.

If a strain of cannabis can produce well in a Canadian greenhouse or as an outdoor crop, it has been shown that the same cannabis genetics will perform exceptionally well when planted at more Southern latitudes.  Typically, the further South the strain is planted from it’s original Northern origins, the more outstanding it will perform versus other strain or varieties not originating from Northern latitudes.

There has been more than one chagrinned Canadian cannabis seed breeder after finally seeing their favorite strains grown out in South or Central American locations versus the results they are used to seeing at home .  For example, the plants are exceptionally large and vigorous with heavier buds and more resin content. They were already award winning genetics. It’s like seeing a gold medalist discover a whole new level of performance.

How can this be?

Colder climates and Northern Latitudes can have a variety of influences for producing cannabis seed strains with more vigor. They will perform better than others, given the same genetics produced at more Southern latitudes. Anybody growing cannabis knows it’s a plant that prefers warmer and typically drier climates. That cannabis is a plant type that is susceptible to a wide range of plant diseases and crop pests, for example bud rot, pythium, spider mites, caterpillars, etc.

There are two forces that come into play here in the context of producing buds and genetics. A more challenging growing environment and reduced insect and disease pressures due to a cold climate. The environment may be cleaner, but is tougher. These two very influential push-pull forces on the cannabis plant and genetics and then transplanted South they are prone to produce with exceptional improvement.

Once moved South, the first crop from these genetics can be exceptional in every way. The genetics are super clean and hardy from being produced in the North.  After further generational propagation or cross breeding occurs with cannabis genetics originating from further North while located at their final Southern destination, the improved Northern vigor that was observed begins to fade, and often quickly, with each successive clone or seed generation.

Northern Vigor Phenomenon

The phenomenon of Northern vigor, as relates to cannabis, is an area worthy of further study and examination. If looking to grow cannabis in a greenhouse or outdoors at Southern latitudes, it may be prudent to look North for genetics and conduct trials. Having cannabis crops that perform better and offer heavier yields of higher quality by simply sourcing comparable genetics from more Northern latitudes could prove too be a tremendous advantage, essentially for doing the same work versus seed sources closer to Southern growing locations.

The reader is encouraged to source well documented  information surrounding non-cannabis crops that exhibit Northern vigor as in our discussion. These may prove to be an excellent starting place in understanding and ultimately unlocking the Northern vigor secret for growing better crops of cannabis, whether as fiber, medicine or food (seed)—naturally.