Old School BA Breeders Association Presents: Old School BA Fire OG


A lightly reworked version of the original OG Kush X SFV OG cut, adding a little more alert to the buzz while maintaining the relaxing and strongly euphoric qualities in the effects that have helped lead this typically clone-only strain to cannabis stardom.

You’ll love the vigorous growth and potential for great yields exhibited in a crop of Old School BA Fire OG started from seeds.

Indoor/Outdoor Growing recommendations

Outdoors, this strain is best reserved for regions with long warm seasons. Although, greenhouse and black out systems will demonstrate how well these genetics stand up to environmental stresses.

Indoors, plants won’t need tons of veg time to reach respectable statures at harvest. Another improvement noted in the Old School BA Fire OG rendering. Flowering time is around 10 weeks for the best results. The yields can be both potent and heavy. Most samples easily test +20% THC, making this a strain not recommended for novice takers or those with lower cannabis tolerances.


This strain is best reserved for evening use. The Old School BA version of Fire OG will have enough alertness shaken into the buzz. This keeps it from being a Day Wrecker for those with a need for stronger relief from physical pains or anxiety.

The cured buds look beautiful, covered in a thick matt of resin. They have the now famous fiery red hairs protruding from frosted lime green and firm nugs. Smell is a nice balance of sweet to spicy. The delicious flavors linger for a long time upon exhale, just like the buzz it delivers.


Most users note fast relief from physical pains or anxiety quickly after smoking or vaping. The effects are often long lasting. Not much is needed making it a high potency-low dosage variety. There is definitely a sleepier sensation to this one.  Old School BA Breeders set out to with success, and made the buzz a little more functional while still highly relaxing.


Does great in both soil and hydro and tolerates heat and other stresses better than many strains. A great candidate for ScrOG applications with larger, more widely branched plants. Gives great yields as a shorter plant when packed in together with higher planting densities too.

Flowering Time: 10 weeks

Yield: Very Good

Potency: Very High

Appearance: Frosty lime green and firm nugs with fiery red hairs

Aroma & Flavor: Sweet and spicy, delicious lingering flavors

Effects: Very relaxing and euphoric, Old School BA Fire OG has enough alertness shaken into the mix to keep it from being a “Day Wrecker”.